Abhay Krishna Kasavaraju

Constantly on the look out for toys to play with and chocolates to eat. If you utter football don't be scared if I appear beside you and speak excited gibberish. Occasionally write poems. Full time day dreamer.


I stand in silence, Occasionally broken by my heartbeat. I slowly breathe, Gazing into a pair eyes staring into mine. Eyes, strangely familiar.   While I think about the endless heights, To which I can seamlessly fly, Spreading my wings,… Continue Reading →

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Crazy New Year Traditions

According to the Oxford Dictionary, tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. A belief strongly implanted in the lifestyle of people belonging to a family, region, or an entire generation for which they are proud… Continue Reading →

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A Child’s Play

It was a cloudy Monday evening, when I dragged myself back from college, my face buried in the grey screen of my phone. I found an unoccupied chair in the park and tried to make myself comfortable amidst the Monday… Continue Reading →

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Pink and Masculinity

In this beautiful world of ours, eyes are often considered to be the gateways to the soul and pathways to the heart. The magnificence of this world is visualized through the magic of colors. Each color is associated with significance… Continue Reading →

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The Greatest Curse of All Time

It was a typical cold Russian evening but the heat was on in Kazan Arena where France took on Argentina in the round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup 2018. France was the clear favorite, with a dream team… Continue Reading →

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Copa Mundial – FIFA World Cup 2018

Flags flying high with voices in unison. Feverous chants resonating with every breath and heartbeat. Men stepping out with the stage set to rewrite history and create an immortal legacy. It’s not just a game, not just a tournament, it’s… Continue Reading →

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S – The One With The Weasleys

It was a normal morning at the Burrow, the home of the wizarding family, the Weasleys until the firecrackers which usually exploded in Fred and George’s room spread out into the dining room. “FRED AND GEORGE! OUT OF THE DINING… Continue Reading →

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‘Phantom Thread’: Silk, Secrets and Love

Phantom Thread is a brilliant portrayal of a passionate love story where too much involvement in one’s personal space deprives peace in the relationship. Paul Thomas Anderson, the director, drops viewers straight into the world of Reynolds Woodcock, an extremely… Continue Reading →

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They are witness, Witness to the times, Which defined our existence. Brimming with bliss And embracing sorrow. Tales as old as time, Defining time itself.   Witness to days of a carefree sky, With the sun shining bright. Spent building sandcastles of emotions. Of a childhood, Watching the sun set by the beach With smiles for… Continue Reading →

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THE EL CLASSICO The most awaited match in a football season. The best football clubs in the world facing off against each other. The best players of all time going face to face. A nation divided into two as the… Continue Reading →

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As I looked up at the heavens, A wave of delight swept over my body Transfixing my heart, Enchanting my gaze…   A muse never so beautiful, An embodiment of Mother Nature.   The orange sky embracing a spectrum of… Continue Reading →

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What would you be if you were a non-living object?

If I had to be a non-living object, I would prefer to be a pen, embodying ink which would be the medium to transfer the brilliance of the mind, feelings of the heart, and musings of the soul onto the… Continue Reading →

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