The following dialogue is between Wonnet the Warrior and Magus the Dragon. Being a prideful creature, Wonnet refused to believe in mythical creatures like dragons. Angered by the warrior’s arrogance, Dragod, the God of Dragons, created a Wish granting dragon named Magus to punish him.

Magus: O mere mortal! I am Magus, the Wish Granting Dragon. Three Wishes you shall ask, and three I shall grant.

Wonnet: Dragons are not real. Whatever you are, depart now and I promise not to harm you. Trouble me further and you shall suffer my strength.

Magus: O mere mortal! It appears He was correct. Quite arrogant you are! But suffer you cannot make me, for I am immortal and suffering is beneath me.

Wonnet is enraged and tries to harm Magus, only to realize that Magus really is a dragon.

Wonnet: Can you grant any Wish?

Magus: O mere mortal! Certain Wishes I can grant, certain I cannot. Forthspeak you shall to find if I can!

Wonnet: I wish for a hundred more Wishes!

Magus: O mere mortal! This I cannot grant, for I do not control the Wishes!

Wonnet: You seem to like mocking me for being a mortal.

Magus: You boast your strength and I my immortality. Seems like – hmmm what was the word? Aha! “Rational”! Seems like what you mortals would call a “rational” thing to do.

Wonnet: Alright then, I wish that I may never die!

Magus: This I can grant, and die you never shall!

Magus rubs his hands together and Wonnet glitters for a moment.

Wonnet: So is that it then? I am immortal now?

Magus: Immortal you are not!

Wonnet: But I wished for immortality!

Magus: That you did not –

Wonnet: What do you mean?

Magus: You wished you may never die and die you never shall. But live shan’t you either!

Wonnet: What does that even mean?

Magus: You shall be deaf to the tune of the melodicest music, and dumb to sing a song that rings along! You shall be blind to the beauty of the fairest maiden, and numb to the tenderest touch! You shall be anosmic to the fragrantest flower, and ageusic to the fleshiest fruit! You shall be forgotten by all, but die you shall not! You will continue to exist, but senseless your existence shall be!

Wonnet: How? What? Wha –

Wonnet realizes his folly and regrets asking for such a Wish

Magus: O strange creature! Forthspeak a second Wish, for I have deeds to tend to!

Wonnet: I wish to undo my first Wish!

Magus: O strange creature! This I cannot grant, for I do not control the Wishes!

Wonnet decides that to outsmart Magus, he’ll need wisdom

Wonnet: I wish for wisdom!

Magus: O strange creature! All worldly wisdom you shall have!

Magus once again rubs his hands together and Wonnet glitters for a moment

Magus: O wise being! Forthspeak a third Wish, for He keeps calling!

Wonnet uses all his newly acquired wisdom to ask for his final wish

Wonnet: O noble dragon! I wish that my Wish not be granted!

Magus seems lost and asks you, the reader, for help

Magus: O great reader! What do I do?

This dialogue was inspired by Fire and Blood by George R. R. Martin, which I read as a part of the book reading activity.

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