I cannot help but get into a pensive mode when I contemplate into the fact that in about two years from now, we would witness the end of something majestic which has become a significant part of our lives.

It is no surprise that Game of Thrones has managed to conquer the hearts of people all across the globe, boasting a never seen before fan following. It would be apt to say the people don’t just watch the show, they live it.

And so it is with me.

If only words could explain how I feel about it…

Maybe that’s the ultimate beauty of fiction…create a world which can only be imagined, a world which can only make us envious, a world which in every way has us in awe of it.

There’s no debating the fact that George R.R Martin is a genius, a genius who’s meticulous work of entertainment has nearly half of the world talking about, developing their own theories. It’s quite a global topic now.

Six more episodes and Monday mornings won’t be awaited anymore.

Six more episodes and a topic less to debate about among friends.

Six more episodes and an end to the greatest show ever!

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