Simon nicknamed me a princess,

I unknowingly was a damsel in distress.

Never really was me as an individual,

Relied on a guy, loved him unconditional.

Always tried to be the person I never was,

Dependency turned out to be the cause.

I wonder if this really is who I am,

Or the world’s version, maybe a little sham.

Parting ways with him did me good,

Didn’t know I had it in me, I had misunderstood.

The intense feeling of freedom and liberation,

Was nothing short of a personality resurrection.

Apart from all this, I am still a murder suspect,

Accused of playing part in a homicide project.

Me, Bronwyn, Nate and Cooper, in this together,

Before this mess, never really spoke to each other.

Initially was a little sceptical about believing in them,

One of us could be the culprit, I can’t condemn.

Susceptible to the media’s flashing statements,

Our anxiety might be someone’s entertainment.

Our several secrets were now out in the open,

Lives were in havoc, relations broken.

We weren’t the only sufferers of Simon’s revelations.

But no one came up with explanations or correlation.

Who might have engineered Simon’s murder?

Could it be Simon himself trying to be a martyr?

Pondering over several such possibilities,

There seems to be a probability of conspiracies.

Bayview high can never be a routine high school,

Life here could get nerve-racking and so very cruel.


*This poem is inspired by the main characters of the novel – ‘One of Us Is Lying’, written by Karen McManus. It is written from the perspective of one of the protagonists*



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