What if the world was black and white…
unbathed in colors of sultry shades,
like the lives diverse in psyche and structure
would a rainbow exist when we treasure rain?
Eyes absorb the picturesque aroma
draped everywhere
a mind scrutinizes assorted attitudes and psychologies
but what complements it?
They’re the ones that inundate
every subtle detail with their quirky tones
that define something called beauty!
They display uncountable faces of nature each with its own magnificence
like each life with its own destiny
flaunting distinct depths
More than 10 million hues
that explicate the immortal universe
would’ve never taken their first breath
just like the earth would’ve never
sipped its versatile recognition
without a life!!
Can’t imagine the colorless world
having no entity
unless I turn blind
eyes stand at the paramount platform
running a ceaseless movie called life
what more can you wish for
if you have everything nut shelled in these precious ones!!

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