Looking through the window I see, the clouds of dusk,

People bustling around, with the weapons of tusk.

Away from family, prisoned for no reason,

I pay the price, of neither murder nor treason.

Leaning against the walls of the jail,

I wonder, are my children also eating food this stale?

Oh lord! What were my sins for which I am being severely punished?

Even a glimpse of such hatred, brutal visuals leave me astonished.

I ponder for hours, thinking of the hardships my children might be facing,

And sit with a heavy heart, on this notion gazing.

Dejected at the thought of not being there for them,

A matter of concern and an issue to condemn.


In a place where no woman is allowed out of the house.

How will my children be surviving with probably no food and a mother with no spouse?

Every night I dream of  the same dream,

Being happy with family, my eyes oh! How they gleam.

Never did I aspire to have a life like this,

A longing to go back home seems nothing but an unfulfilled bliss.

Will I ever see my beautiful children or my loving wife?

Or just get to hear the shrilling cries of people pierced with a knife?

Is there any dawn to this so long night of plight?

Where I can hold my children again in my arms real tight.

My heart yearns for going back to times- when laughter was no stranger, under the sky blue

Just to embrace my family one last time before, to life, I bid adieu.


As inspired by the character Nurullah from the movie “The Breadwinner”

A poem depicting his possible anguish and thoughts during his time in jail.


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