Our life is a journey, a tangle of multiple paths. Every journey has its route set for itself. On its paths, we encounter people, places and feelings, that stay with us, change us and mould us into what we are, for the rest of our lives. People we encounter are characters with traits unique to themselves. The places which we visit or come across form a setting for the characters to play their parts, for a plot to be written by the hands of time. The feelings that flow across our nerves and veins determine what time has in store for us, the flow of time or simply put, the plot. 

With characters, settings and multiple plotlines, the journey of our life is a story in itself. We often admire characters from books and movies. We try to understand the depths and layers associated with them and fall in love with their portrayal. Subconsciously, we look for reasons to relate to them, to find comfort in their words and ways, until we hold them close to our heart and consider them a part of us. The characters we look up to are the ones which write ours, for they mold us into what we are and what we become. The people that share our journey are assimilations of characters from stories that have shaped them. Thus, the roles and significance of them in our journey are determined by stories directly or indirectly.

We lose pieces of our hearts in the homes we stay, the roads we take and the places we visit. The smells and sights linger with us. We take them along and search for their warm familiarity wherever we go. The stories we experience, always revolve around a place, which may be a real setting or a figment of the writers’ imagination, inspired from places close to their hearts. Some places lead to self-discovery. They have the potential to change lives forever. And we find ourselves lost in the magic of these places in stories and often find a home in them, making them an important figment of our imaginations and our own minds.

For me, time is memories. The past has the power to shape the present and the present is responsible for sculpting the future. Memories are us remembering how some moments made us feel. Some give us joy, the others give us pain, while some are just meant to stay. They are delicately stitched from feelings, which can tame the mind and heart alike. Therefore our emotions, their expression and our response to them write the story of time and what it has in store for us. Feelings make the plot of a story. Our story.

We grow up with the stories our grandmothers told us, we live intertwined with stories of the characters and people around us, and we hope to live by emulating stories which inspire us. The stories of the world write our story. 

So is our story already written? Or do we write our own story?

I believe that it has already been written. Greatness has been written for everyone for us.  It lies in front of us like an open book. But to read it or not? The choice and the key are in our hands.


“Everything changes. Stories remind us of that”

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