The Martian directed by Ridley Scott, stars Matt Damon, who plays astronaut Mark Watney, a part of a crew of astronauts who are on Mars. A storm rolls in so they cut short their visit. While evacuating, some debris hits Mark Watney and kills him. So the crew leaves him behind, on Mars. Only thing, Mark didn’t die.

Now Mark is stranded on Mars, a planet where nothing is growing and nothing is living. And he has to survive for the good people on earth who have no idea that he is still alive, to rescue him.

So this movie is basically Man vs. Nature on Mars. First of all, I love the way Matt Damon played the character Mark Watney. He’s this likeable, smart guy who is in a terrible situation where he thinks “I’m going to die here”. Then at a point he thinks “No, I’m not going to die here.”. And he just gets to work and starts sciencing his way out of the situation to survive.

Ridley Scott made Mars look interesting. I mean, it’s a pretty desolate looking place per se. But Ridley Scott could bring life to this red waste land.

But it is a movie about a guy trying to survive on another planet fighting all odds. So, any director would make a depressing, drab and downer of a movie. But surprisingly, this movie is quite humorous. The director, the actors and the writers worked together to translate this humour to you and you are like “Ah! This is not really as depressing as it should be.”

The Martian’s about life, the fight to survive, people coming together to save another human who is stranded on some planet.

I love the supporting cast also, they are just desperately trying to bring this guy back. Chiwetel Ejiofor, who played the character Venkat Kapoor, is one of the best actors in the movie.

I also loved the crew, you know we have to see that he has a relationship with the crew, that you really never see him interact with. This movie pulled that off very well.

It is basically just human race and the fight to save it. It is a very interesting movie. It had everything I wanted it to have- a great director, great writer, great cinematography, great character, great actor who played that character and most importantly, SCIENCE.

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