“Navya! I am so happy you came over. I really wanted to leave.”

It’s Ramya’s college reunion and since Jiju was out of town, I had to come over to look after the twins.

Ramya had draped herself in a beautiful red georgette sari and was looking at least 5 years younger.

“The twins are asleep.  I have filled their bottles and they are on the dining table and if they are hungry you can feed them.  So sit back and relax, I will be back before midnight.”

“Don’t worry, I will be fine and so will the twins.”, I had to reassure my sister for the tenth time.

It was around 7:00 p.m. , so I switched on the TV to watch something interesting. Then I went into kitchen to find some food.

I made some Maggie and sat down on the sofa to dig into this 2 minutes wonder.

That’s when the phone rang. As I stretched my hand to pick up the receiver, the ringing stopped.

The phone started ringing again. This time when I picked up the receiver, there was no voice.

“Hello? Who is this? Hello?”, I said, that’s when the call got disconnected.

I became ill at ease. It was typically how they show in movies. To distract my mind, I switched on the TV. The phone started ringing again, but this time it was on TV and the girl picks up the phone  “Hello?”[no answer]

Mandrakis Residence.”

“Have you checked on the children?” says voice in the receiver.


The stranger hangs up. The girl runs and checks on the children.

Suddenly a chill run down my spine. I leapt to my feet and rushed. When I opened the door, I saw the twins peacefully sleeping in their cradles.

The phone starting ringing again. I was not sure whether to pick it up or not.

With hesitant steps, I walked towards the phone. When I finally picked up the receiver, I heard a low noise. I could not make out what the voice was saying but that was sufficient to scare me so much to slam the phone down.

I sat on the sofa unable to decide what to do.

Jill, Jill. We traced the call! It’s coming from inside the house! Do you hear me? It’s coming from inside the house! You need to get out! Jill?”

The TV was still on.

I picked up the phone to call the cops. That’s when I realised the phone had gone dead.

I started panicking. I looked around to find my mobile phone.

I finally found it on the kitchen counter. As I opened the dialler to call the police I heard a knock on the door.

I rushed to the door to make sure it’s locked. I ran to the twin’s room and locked myself in there. With my hands shaking, I called 100.

“Police control room”

“Hello. There is a psycho killer! Please help me. Please!”

“Ma’am please relax. Where are you calling from?”

“Please help me! Hello? Hello?”

The call got disconnected. My balance was over.

“Oh God, what am I supposed to do?”

Suddenly, the bedroom door started banging. How did he get in!

The twins woke up and started crying.

I heard a voice “Open the door!”


Then suddenly, I heard the police sirens.

That’s when the door banged open. I started yelling and everything blacked out before me.

“Navya? How are you feeling now? It’s me your sister, Ramya. You are safe.”

“They are coming to get me. Di the twins are in danger. Di save me.”

“You are safe now Navya.” I heard another voice. A familiar voice.

Then I saw him.


“But you were in Bangalore!”

“I came back last night. I tried to call on the landline several times to tell that I was coming a day earlier but it was constantly getting disconnected.”

“Actually I forgot to pay the landline bill so the phone line eventually got cut.” said my Di.

“So Mohit called on my mobile to inform me he is coming today. ”

“When we reached home you didn’t open the door. So we got tensed and opened it with the spare key I had.”

“Then the police arrived and we found you unconscious.” Said my Jiju.

“Okay you take rest we will be outside if you need anything.”, my Di said and they left the room.

A smile spread across my face. It was so foolish of me.

I heard my phone ring. It was next to my bed on the table. It was a call from private number.


“Have you checked on the children?”

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