Men’s fashion needs to reflect creativity in masculinity and therein is the first of the pitches dug. It’s an endless list if one has to remember various solutions to answer the question of men’s fashion, so I figured if I know how to arrive at a solution, the approach would be versatile and convenient to my otherwise highly reciprocal memory.

Our fashion has taken turns with difference in ideologies, just like other things in the world. And of course it varied with ethnicity. Some trends take over the world and some get lost. In the good ol’ days, “bigger the better” was the answer. And it worked until late nineties until the usage of splashy colors were suddenly accepted and appreciated in the men’s community in a big way. Another example in time where we can see how ideology changes have been inherited in fashion.


This depends completely on the occasion and how important the attendee is to the occasion. Is it important to stand out? Is it necessary to remain unnoticeable? But never must one overdress.

It’s perfectly alright to use pink and its shades. Gone are those days when pink was frowned upon in the men’s community. Use shades of pink because it’s easier when you have to contrast it over other colors.
d4194c2a2bbb1a9b3fc1fd5b0d44f3feYou can dress for a board meeting and you can dress for a concert downtown. The rest of the occasions are essentially taking inspiration from each of those. The choice of color matters the most and keep in mind the skin complexion while choosing.
Hats are never old fashioned, they take you back in time and thus it’s not old anymore. When dressing up for semi formal occasions, give hats a shot.

We all know how eye catching it is to wear one of those Marvel Superhero merchandise. But they are often expensive and aren’t as reachable as one would expect. These are some links which I would suggest :
Planet Superheroes

Winter is coming
In India, there’s no such thing as autumn. The rainy and winter season’s pretty much overlap. So it’s time to think of some warm & rugged wear.
Scarves are amazingly useful and one can team them up with most of the outfits. They accentuate your looks and the streets find it creative.


Beards protect the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun, and I assure you it’s a science fact. And I personally suggest everyone to style their facial hair because it is a style statement and a healthy practice.
To college goers, growing a beard isn’t an over night process. Hold on to the faith and one day you’ll have a beard.
Formal occasions need a trimmed and decent look just like the expected behavior. And if beards aren’t fully grown, it’s better to hold back the idea until the right time comes.


Again, it’s a choice made by occasion and person.
Ties are meant to contrast the primary color of the dress, a the patterns shouldn’t be broad but it can be subtly repetitive. Do not wear informal ties for formal appearances.
Cuff links are classy, thus use them on formal occasions when you don’t end up rolling you shirt till your sleeve.
Boys wear a lot of bracelets and faith bands and it’s not a bad idea to sport them. But it’s not a bad idea to think why men don’t wear them all the time. Unless it’s imperative to wear one, do not  wear them for a formal occasion.
Watches are the best way to adorn one’s wrists.
Do not wear dials bigger than the width of your wrist.



Wonder why clothes look good on mannequins at the store and not so good in the trial room?
Clothes only compliment what’s inside them. Masculinity begets fitness and if you get that right, the job is half done. You don’t have to hit the gym, but regular exercise or yoga will do the magic for you. It’s even better to play a sport and sweat it out.


Scientifically, there are three types of physiques. Select one and work on it.

So remember brothers, confidence matters the most. It’s an invisible cloak that you ought to put on to make your own unique appeal.

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