One day, people saw Mulla Nasruddin out in the street searching frantically for something.

The inquisitive nature of man was at work. “What are you searching for, Mulla?”, they enquired.

“I’ve lost my key”, replied Mulla.

As is the helping nature of mankind , everyone joined him in the quest.

After some time, someone had the urge  to ask the place where  the key was lost, so that more thorough search could be made. 

He replied ,“I lost the key in the house,”  matter-of-factly.

“Then why are you searching for it in the street?”, was the obvious question asked.

“Because there is more light  here.” replied the Mulla


Every person is in quest of the lost key. We often tend to look for the key outside. As one may say this key might be the key to power, the key to joy, the key to success, the key to simplicity and many more. All these things are found within an individual. The moment a person faces his true self, he tries to escape the conflicts and runs away. We are so engrossed in material things, that we forget the little things that matter a lot, are found when we look within ourselves.

This lost key needs to be searched for. When an individual grows from within i.e. , he grows intellectually, there is nothing in this world which cannot be achieved. Just like Mulla, one always searches for the key outside because there is more light out there. But the right place is to look for it,is where you have actually lost it, even if there is less light, it is the only place where you can find it, and this place is deep within yourself.

A famous quote by Allan Rufus states that, “Don’t be caught up in the outside world. Pay attention to your inner world!”.  When a person embarks on the journey of discovering the inner self, automatically he leads a life full of energy and enthusiasm. Else the never-ending search on the outside continues, and the person tends to waste their life and time, futilely searching in all the wrong places.

inner self

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