With the release of the ninth edition, we are happy to announce the successful completion of a year of kMITRA and it has been a pretty fantastic journey. There have been struggles and obstacles, but, also an incessant progress. A great deal of effort put in by the zealous team has made this possible.

These 9 editions, beginning from October 2014 till today, hold the secrets of told and untold stories of triumph as well as setbacks. Of them the most important is the transformation of ‘Vipasana’ to ‘kMITRA’- the journey from an infant to a toddler and many other ‘behind the curtain’ scenes.

To begin with, how the idea of an e-magazine came up was pretty simple. A creative and thoughtful trio of the then (2013) sophomores (Shagun Hedge, Rekha Seethamraju and Manish Karoor) decided to reach out to the college students by voicing their thoughts. ‘Vipasana’- an online e-magazine was the path which led to it. From the articles to the website, they did it all. As soon as the articles were written, they were collectively published. The trend of the monthly edition emerged later. There weren’t a lot of readers then and a big step was to be taken for the promotion of the magazine. A young team, which took over from Vipasana had an introspection which gave rise to a refurbished college magazine. Thus, ‘Vipasana’ was revamped intokMITRA’ and many new writers were roped in. Not only the logo and website, but also, the theme and categories were given a face-lift. This way kMITRA took birth with a new definition – a friend with whom you grow and the motto –‘THINK.INTEGRATE.EVOLVE’


It’s because of the determination and hard-work of many students that the magazine has blossomed today. Among them are the founders of course, the chief editors – Nithya Gubbala and Aditi Ghotikar, the web developer – Arjun Munji and the many talented writers led by the current editors Shriram Pydimarri and Neeharika Palepu. Ms. Shweta Paropkari has always been our pilot who supported us in every way  possible to make it happen (Thank You Ma’am).


The Team

Initially started with the motto of keeping the college students updated about the latest trends, we now look at a bigger picture with the release of every edition. Taking baby steps and improving gradually has been a difficult task, but an exciting one as well. Beginning from a scanty 300, today we reach up to a wide range of more than 8000 and increasing readers. We will try and hope that the outreach increases in coming years and we celebrate many more such anniversaries with flying colors.

With your immense support for events like dubsmash, writing, pumpkin carving and debate competitions we will bring in many more enticing events to participate and relish. Stay tuned for exciting articles on movie appraisals, book critiques, fashion trends, tech- facts and buzz in and around the college.

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