I stand in silence,

Occasionally broken by my heartbeat.

I slowly breathe,

Gazing into a pair eyes staring into mine.

Eyes, strangely familiar.


While I think about the endless heights,

To which I can seamlessly fly,

Spreading my wings,

Carried by the strength of the wind.

I see my fears lurking in those eyes,

Crawling up my feet,

Chaining down my wings,

Leaving me hanging in midair,

To be blown apart by the wind.


When I think about my flaws,

My weaknesses which bring me onto my knees,

Dragging me away into shadows,

On the horizon of oblivion.

I see a light in those eyes,

Reflecting on my strengths,

Reminding me of the battles I fought and won,

Pulling me back from the clutches of darkness.


When I stretch my hand towards them,

There’s another outstretched towards me.

It fits into mine,

The eyes are from the mirror.

I am staring at the other me.


They fill the other’s voids

Without both,

I’m a puzzle incomplete.


When one sees the light of hope,

The other sees the darkness of fear.

When one is pulled back by weakness,

The other rages forward with strength.


They are a reminder that in the world,

Without the bruises of defeat,

There is no victory.

Without the scars left by pain,

There is no strength from hope.

We cannot choose one,

And walk away from the other.

They complete us,

By completing each other.


For we are perfect in our very own imperfections,

We are both,

We are one.

We are symmetry.

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