Holi Hai!’ rings a bell, doesn’t it? It obviously will since Holi is considered as one of the most revered festivals of India, celebrated in almost every part of the country.

Holi is celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest. The first evening is known as the Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi, and the following day as Holi, Rangwali Holi, Dhuleti, Dhulivandan, Dhulandi or Phagwah.

Holika Dahan is celebrated on the day before Holi. People come together and perform rituals to rid themselves of the evil residing in them. It is a sight to see everyone forget their past hardships and move together towards the future.

On Holi, the air around is filled with happiness and joy. There are colours all around. Pink, red, yellow! Name it and it is present. It is only on this day that one can see the colours merged in the air. People dress in white so that one can see the colours that they are drenched in. They wear these colours with pride.

This festival is for all ages. Kids giggle and chase each other wearing their cute little water tanks around their necks and holding the “pichkari” as a weapon, wet from head to toe and splashing water on each other. They prance around the place in their own world and forget about bitter feelings. The teens are also not far behind. A little shy and a little modest but they enjoy this festival to the fullest. Some form groups while the others mingle with everyone. They gossip, laugh and eye the glasses of “bhang”, longing for a sip. Leaving all worries behind, they sing, dance and splash colours on everyone around. Coming to the grown-ups, they enjoy it the most. They hug each other and put their rivalries and worries behind. This is like a well-deserved break for them from their stressful lives.

The day of Holi is always filled with colours. The sun shines brightly against all the hues in the air. It is a breath-taking view. Everyone is drenched in water and colours without any differences based on either caste or creed. It is the most enjoyed and awaited festival.

There is also a reason behind playing with colours. Since all the colours are derived from plants, they protect us from the flu caused due to the change in weather.

Some of the traditionally used colours are:
1.Red: One often associates red with love and passion. Usage of this colour shows that one trusts the other person and is ready to face any circumstance.
2.Green: Green is like a coin with two faces. While one portrays jealousy the other displays endurance. Both these faces compliment each other.
3.Yellow: Yellow is another colour which leads to contradicting beliefs. One belief states that yellow is for cowardice and the other states that yellow is related to prosperity.
4.Blue: Blue, the colour of the sky always helps in calming us down. In a chaotic life, a tinge of blue can bring happiness and comfort.
5.Purple: Since purple is a darker colour, it is associated with mystery.
6.Orange: People with a creative mindset tend to choose this color.
All these colors help in the making of the picture perfect image of Holi. So spread as much colour as possible not only on that day but also in your life. Let’s radiate love, with colour!

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