In today’s episode of Coders Decode Cooking, we have Pizza Cups!

/*Inputs needed to be scanned in ingredient class */

/* an array is a cup with only one type of item*/

/* after ingredients are ready then call the recipe class and output of pizza cups*/

/* The interesting part is the pizza crust here isn’t made by flour, but by the bread.   */

/* List means a mixing bowl */

package cravings;

import recipe.pizzacups;

 class Ingredients {

        static int Mozzarella_Cheese = 1; //(small packet, grated)

         static int Onions = 1;

         static int Tomatoes = 1;

         static int Capsicum = 1;

         static int Corn = 1; //(1 cup)

         static byte Salt=1; //(spoon)

         static byte ChatMasala=1; //(spoon)

         static byte ChiliFlakes=1; //(spoon)

         static short PastaSauce , butter=1; //(scoop)

         static int Breads =10; //(for 10 cups)

                Recipe Iamready= new Recipe();


class Recipe {

          void PrepareStuffing(){

          List MixingBowl = new ArrayList();










    /*mix them thoroughly*/



void MakeCups(){

/*Take the bread pieces and roll them with a rolling pin. After rolling, cut the bread pieces by placing a lid on it and cut the bread dough with knife accordingly, make sure that shape isn’t out. */

int Bread_Dough = 10;

Bread_Dough = Bread_Dough + Ingredients.butter;

/*Apply butter on all the pieces of bread dough (only on one side). Take an appam pan and put bread slice butter side down*/


public static void main(String[] args) {

Ingredients ing = new Ingredients();

/*Now stuff 3/4th bread slices with the vegetable stuffing prepared. Top the cups with lots of grated cheese. Then place the pan over the stove and cover with lid. Make sure that pan is perfectly covered without any gaps. Cook the cups till they become crisp and cheese is melted. After 8 minutes the cups will be ready*/





Time complexity: Best case: 25 mins (if you are a foodie )

                                Worst case: 35 mins (if you are lazy)


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