Books- they sometimes grant us indispensable knowledge; sometimes guide us through the obscure world. But mostly, they lie when we want them to; lies so beautiful that all our reality just fades away into the cosmic noise.

No matter where we are or how old we are, at heart we are all just wanderers. Our minds are filled with an eternal longing for wonder. And books, in essence, are all just thoughts. Then are books, not our friends, closest to our hearts most of all?

Books are our wise spirit friends, having our back at all times. They were there for us when we had tears rolling down our cheeks and needed something to hold on to. And they are still here, sitting right next to us, on a park bench if we want to have an imaginary talk on a dull evening. One, two, no, lots and lots of dots of light illuminate our minds out of the darkness while giving us the advice we never thought we needed.

Books are like family; those that give you the tightest of hugs and an endless supply of adoring love. Yet, sometimes they act as our worst enemies, the ones that break us and hurt us. All so that we can rise above and view the world from a whole new perspective.

Books are not just teachers, tellers, or people. They are a world of their own. They show us secrets, mould us and influence us.

No matter when we started reading our first book, don’t you think we all, at least subconsciously, shared the same feeling? The feeling of belonging- the feeling of meeting someone whom we have known for a very long time or a sense of slight regret of why we haven’t tried reading before. 

Our team’s motive here is to introduce you to some new friends or help you reunite with some old ones. Unlike every other book edition where we were assigned books by our mentor, this time our writers had the chance to choose their own books or pick a suggestion given by someone else. 

To make it more challenging, our writers were given the following prompts:

                                               A book written by a BIPOC author

  1. The Uncertainty In Fleeing Ukraine by K. Sai. Prajwal


                                               A translated work from Asia

  1. The battle by the Cherry blossoms by Krishna Chaitanya Addanki
  2. Never there lived a man by Azhhar Shah
  3. 4:33 A.M. by Syed Shujauddin Rafai


                                               An own voices novel written by a woman

  1. Let’s talk about love by Shreya Jonnalagedda
  2. An Alternate Ending – The Bell Jar by Ananya Tiwari


                                               A memoir or an autobiography

  1. The Rise Of Sneaker Culture by Taahir Khan


                                               A book chosen for you by someone else

  1. The Robber by Meghna Desai
  2. Let these pages feel your breath by Saketh Ram Josyabhatla


                                               A book from your state

  1. The Vindication of Modern Feminism by Vaishnavi Cherukuri


                                               A bildungsroman

  1. Do dreams sleep in the day? by Shreya Nidugondi
  2. It’s a Sin to Kill a Mockingbird by Saranya Kankipati
  3. Little Women: Big Comparison by Suhaas Ponnada
  4. The Wankenstein Residency by Venkat Denduluri
  5. The Outsiders by Manasa Adusumilli


                                               Dark Academia

  1. The Dead Poet That Lived by Kshetra Voddiraju
  2. The Secret Assassin by Nita Reddy
  3. Redemption by Nivedita Veera


                                               A collection of short stories

  1. Tattoos and ties by Rutam Risaldar


P.S: Some of the articles satisfy more than one of the above-mentioned prompts.


We hope you enjoy reading this edition as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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