It is very heartening to note that we are creating a magazine for the KMIT students. I hope that this initiative will continue forever.

At the outset , I would like to wish all the students a Happy Deepavali. In a few months we will wish farewell to the 2014-2015 batch and welcome a new batch in our midst.It is perhaps a good time to think about the 4 years we spend in an engineering college. What does one want at the end of four years? Is it a good percentage , a good job or simply a good time? I am sure all of you will agree when I say that we want all the three. But is that all we want from the 4 years at KMIT ? I would say the most important accomplishment I would seek from these four years is the building up of character , a confident person should emerge from within you, ready to take up the challenges of the new digital economy ; a person who is committed to honesty and integrity and powered by passion and zeal.

India is a nation which is having a rebirth . There is new government, a new ideology and of course  a new set of challenges.
You as students must see in this new rebirth a new opportunity and strive to become substantial contributors to this new awakening.We need many of you to become entrepreneurs and lead this country toward its destiny. A destiny in which India will be a nation where unemployment , hunger, violence will be removed from the center stage of social discourse and we can  become a truly developed economy.

Neil Gogte,

Director, KMIT.

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