In the art of movie making, while half of the work is shooting the scenes, the other half is editing them. Editing brings in life to the pieces of videos, joined to perfection. Editing a movie is definitely not an easy job, adding scenes, setting up the audio, music, overlapping scenes and so much more! So when we understand that the movie- editing, though very tiring, is a must, it feels good to use software that make work easier.

Though there are a many Video Editing Softwares available for us to use,here are a few free ones which give almost a close experience of movie editing as the other paid software.

  • VideoPad Editor

The free version of VideoPad, though is feature-limited is easily one of the best software available for free. VideoPad has ample amount of effects that can be of great help. It also has a music library, which helps us to fit in the best music for the movie. VideoPad also comes with the ‘Narrate’ button which is a click away from us recording our voice as the video moves on. If you are looking for the best movie editing for free, VideoPad will not disappoint you.

Download Here:


  • VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video editor is not as user-friendly as other editors available, but once we get familiar with the software, we realize many powerful features available. A wide range of effects and filters are available in the editor, which makes it a preferable one. If one wants to go pro at movie editing at free of cost, VSDC Video Editor is the best choice.

Download Here:

  • Lightworks Movie Editing Software

The Lightworks editing has been in the market for over 25 years now. This editor supports more video formats than any other video-editor available. The canvas is non-linear with floating windows that users can position anywhere or dismiss as per convenience. Lightworks also gives a world-class timeline setup which makes it easy for the user to trim or adjust the video clips.

Download Here:

  •  Avidemux

   The open source file editing software is reliable, simple and very comfortable. Video editing in Avidemux has been like that since years and the software has got enough fans by now. Converting video formats is also simple in this software. It may not be the application with best features but it definitely does your job right.

Download Here:

All in all, video editing needs so much creativity and there is a wide platform of software that can provide the user with anything he wants. I hope the above programs help.

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