‘Hey Buddies’, they say to their fellow minions, they love eating bananas, each one of them has their own talent, every minion is hard-working and loyal to his master, the most evil villain of the era. ‘Minions’ shows the evolution of these creatures from single celled organisms in water to fully grown mischievous minions, who always manage to cause harm to their own master with their foolish brains. As their masters change from time to time, minions stay the same, loyal and hard-working. Then there comes a time when the minions find for themselves no master, slowly they settle at the North Pole and start building a civilization for themselves.

Years pass by and the minions get dull and lethargic, they don’t know what to do without a master, when Kevin, their hero comes up with the plan to go out into the real world and search for their new Master!

With a very cute Bob and the solo guitarist Stuart, Kevin starts off to find the best super Villian. The story then takes them to Scarlett Overkill, the super-villian of the time, and shows how the trio manages to get recognition from her.

Scarlett then gives them a task of stealing the Queen Elizabeth’s crown and the trio takes it up as their first task that gets them their master, and also fulfils Scarlett’s dream of wearing the crown.

Will the minions steal the crown??

A large part of the movie is set in London and it often takes a dig at the ways of the British. The slapstick scenes and pop culture references are good for a chuckle or two, but never could the audience Laugh out Loud.

All in all, Minions is a perfect one-time watch on a stress-free weekend.

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