With mind full of chaos, entering the gates of the college came the sight of the green plants signalling the goodness of the campus and indeed my future. As I was rode towards the pavilion with my friend, I didn’t know about KMIT as this was a random visit before picking the choice of our college based on priorities.

As I slowly proceeded ahead, I saw a structure to the right, which I now call  Audi. I was clueless that I would spend an hour and a half after my college hours here in Audi just to make sure that my placement doesn’t need to wait and I can give my recruiters a better choice, moving forward I see a hut type construction with the banner as “canteen under renovation” little did I know that it will be my second class room where I’ll handle my assignment on the last day of submission and having finest delicacy let it be Manchuria or the schezwan noodles which has its own taste with the soft drink and various types of juices and not to forget the pani puri  with the alu toast.

Then my eyes caught the block in white stating “first year block” or the place where I’ll start my future’s base. Little did I know that I would spend a year here with moments that cannot be defined from bunking of classes or standing out of the entrance for being late to college, giving mock interviews for ELCS lab that taught us so much.

Then comes the exciting beats in my heart pronouncing KMIT Radio 90.4 as I always was enthusiastic for extracurricular activities little did I know that it’s actually a heritage site and you can visit that block ‘E’ for whenever you need a yellow slip.

On the direct left the big choice of sports some of them playing as team of six and team of eleven and at one sport where people were random numbers and two floors of classes and the second glance of excitement came as I read KMIT TV Studio that made me get down from my bike making my chaotic mind to clear its way to see a new vibrant choice with spectrum of opportunity.

Well then to ruin my confidence something happened. There I saw a boy(Senior) I hardly remember who he was but his words remained in my brain as a threat. It was a reply which makes me hesitate to put KMIT on top of my wishlist of colleges for Engineering. My conversion was short with him:

Me: Hi! I just want to inquire about the college like how is faculty, management, studies and all?

Boy: Yeah! College is good and faculties, management all are good.

Me: Does anyone rag juniors..?

Boy: Are you going to take admission..?

Me: Mostly….

Boy: Sometimes we rag, don’t worry I’ll only rag you……

That reply left me motionless and confused on how to react, with all efforts I gave him fake smile and rapidly left on my bike. Little did I know that he spoke the truth and I would be ragged by defining myself in three different languages and what made me regret is singing my favorite song.

Whatever happened in my first visit to college convinced me to take a chance and that  is what I never regret. Little I knew about KMIT but that was enough to make me feel that this is right for me and my future.

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