A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.
                                                                                -Martin Luther King, Jr.

A college e-magazine is not always quite on the list of priorities for any college and it shouldn’t be because if it were to run, it would run solely on student interest and effort.
Take for example “Voo Doo”. MIT’s oldest running college publication was known for running the student opinion on the Vietnam war among other important events that effected the students in those days apart from casting everything in the light of humor,something that is essential in times of crises.

A student run magazine shows the mettle of the community, their opinions, maybe sometimes even helps in forming opinions which is crucial for someone entering the world from the jolly land of regimented studies (Corporate Colleges) and nonchalant ignorance.

A devil-may-care attitude is definitely not the way to go when knowledge is being wielded like the mighty weapon that it is. It is with these thoughts in mind perhaps, that a few fourth year students went forward to make a college newsletter possible.They rallied the troops and got the permissions required while setting up the site and deciding the content.
Many months later dear reader,you are now reading the cumulative efforts of a few seniors who thought that KMIT students deserved a voice.

kMITRA is not just a college e-magazine,but a place where everyone can kick back and have a laugh while discussing everything from politics to the latest movies.It brings to this college something that is indispensable -character.
And so it is a privilege to thank all the fourth years who have ever contributed to this effort in anyway. Also we bid you farewell as you won’t be with us the next semester while wholeheartedly promising you that this e-magazine will continue running over the years like a baton passed down with each batch as they figure themselves out in the process of voicing the student opinion just like you did.

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