More often than not, we underestimate the efforts that our lecturers put into teaching and managing us. And just like us, they too deserve a day off from their hectic schedules, to lay back, relax and simply enjoy. And such a day for the faculty of KMIT was their trip to Dream city Resort. Here’s an inside view of the excursion, from the faculty who gave us a fun feedback of how their day went by.


What were your plans and what were the decisions made?

“We had a few choices of venue. Out of which, we chose Dream City resort because it was comparatively nearer than the other places(25 km from college). We decided to start early at 9:30 am to get the most out of the day.”

Who were the members present and how did you all get there?

“It was a faculty-only group of 108 members from all the departments of our college. Three buses were arranged to takes us all there. It took us about an hour to reach the resort.”

How was your journey? Did you play games like Antakshari and dumb charades like we do?

“It was amazing! Most of the faculty members were indeed playing Antakshari, while, some were dancing to songs being played. It was a fun and comfortable journey and everyone enjoyed it throughout.”

How were you welcomed there? Did you like the ambiance?

“When we reached, there was a guide who walked us through the entire resort for about 20 minutes. He told us that lunch would be organized at about 2:00 pm and asked us to gather in the conference room for the same. We were then left by ourselves to decide what activities we wanted to go for.”

What were the activities arranged? Did you enjoy them?

“Yes, it was quite nostalgic to be free of all worry and enjoy ourselves thoroughly. The male faculty of CSE and ECE spent their morning playing a cricket match. CSE walked away with the title of winners!

The ladies, on the other hand, were busy playing water games. We enjoyed all the games till 1:30 pm, after which, all of us reunited and set off to the conference room for lunch at around 2:00 pm.


We had lunch in a beautiful lawn which was exclusively reserved for the staff of KMIT. The food was delicious. It was like a picnic. After lunch, the male faculty went on to check out water games and the female faculty kept themselves busy playing kabaddi, musical chairs and so many other games which we used to play as children. It was so much fun! Then we went on to have snacks and tea. At around 5:00 we decided to go back home and we started off in batches.”

How was your trip back home?

“We enjoyed the ride back to college as well. We usually get tired but this time all of us were enthusiastic and had loads of fun. It was a wonderful day! It was a relaxing and enjoyable trip for all the faculty members!”

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