A Journey through Land of Mythical
Hidden in the dark, away from our sight, are many secrets yet
to be unveiled. Sharpen your gaze and be ready to get blown away
along this journey to explore some mythical creatures.
All of them seem to be well merged with their surroundings, just a
peep here and a rustle there, alluring the spectators completely. The
spectators move forward holding their hearts in their hands even
though the place gives them heebie-jeebies. The first few steps turn
to be peaceful much to their astonishment but even then, there is a
question still lingering in every spectators’ mind..... What do I expect
Then suddenly out of nowhere, they hear a dripping sound, they turn
hoping for it to be water but instead see blood. In a flash
faster than the speed of light, they are surrounded by godly beings in a
picture-perfect business attire but the only uncanny thing was that the drops
of blood was dribbling from their lips looking like rubies, fangs flashing
and they had a sinister smile. Added to this was the wild look in their
eyes full of lust for blood. There was utter silence for few minutes which
felt like hours, humans were nothing but a bundle of nerves ready to
burst with the amount of tension in the air. And just like that the
vampires started laughing as if they were enjoying a private joke.

To say the spectators were shocked would be an
understatement, they were expecting to be dead within a few
minutes of the vampires' arrival but not in their wildest dream did they
expect them to lash out laughing.
A human brave enough to question the vampires asked them “Why
are you laughing?”. A vampire answered the question, “If you could see the expressions on your own faces, I’m sure you would do the same”. “I still don’t get why you are so astonished, did you guys
expect the same ‘hunter and prey’ story where we are the hunters
and you guys the prey?”, said another vampire. The first one
answered again “Don’t worry you are not going to be harmed in any
way”. They all laugh again and disappear without stating a reason.
The spectators continue the journey still troubled with their previous
trial with the vampires. While on their journey ahead they hear
the distinguishable howls of the werewolves. They are frightened
again but still continue their journey ahead but this time, they are
stopped by a barrier the wolves have formed, some in their wolf
form while others in their human form. The spectators put on a mask of
indifference but internally they are scared to wit’s end. The wolves
give them a wolfish grin as if taunting them and laughing upon their
foolishness. Again, the humans are baffled at their surroundings not
knowing if they have lost their mind or were the wolves laughing at
them not tearing them apart.
So, a human having enough of these questions asks, “Can someone tell me
what is happening and why aren’t you wolves scared of me even
when I’m wearing silver?”. One wolf among the pack answered “Do
you really think we will be standing in front of you if we were scared
of silver and not hiding in some hole?”. Another wolf answered “We
really do need to appreciate the humans for their unusual
imaginative skills though. You imagine everything about us even
without knowing if it’s true or not”. Then they disappear without
further explanation.
The spectators knowing that they are not getting any explanation take their next steps, deeper into their surroundings. Only a few steps into their destination they are ambushed by a mob of youngsters looking not more than 18 but the humans knew that it was a deception, after all, they are in the land of mythical creatures.
There was something unusual about their appearance though, but
the humans failed to understand the unusual and powerful aura
around the youngsters. One of the youngsters seemed to understand
the humans doubts and answered “We are witches that is why you
can sense the aura around us”. But the spectators hardly believed it
because they knew that witches look different and definitely not
like this. And why would they? They've always expected witches to
look like old people wearing a typical witch’s hat etc.
Then like it always happens, the witches vanish into thin air leaving
no trail behind them. The spectators feel as if they are used to this
now. Now that the humans know that their journey has almost come
to an end they are hyped with their fear long gone as they know they
are not going to be harmed by any of the supernatural creatures. They take
their steps slowly wanting to prolong their journey of discovering the
most interesting things about the mythical world.
When they take more steps, they face a complete change of
scenario. They feel as if they stumbled upon some living room of a
modern house and the people gathered there are none other than
the vampires, werewolves and the witches. Now the humans were
definite that they were losing their senses. The vampires and others not
attacking them was one thing but the sight of all of them sitting in a modern
living room, goofing around and watching a movie was
literally out of the world.
Upon hearing the footsteps of the humans all the supernatural
creatures turn around and have a second round of laughter. But this
time they show mercy on the humans and explain to them “Don’t
worry! We vampires and werewolves are definitely not going to start a war

here and the witches are not taking any sides as you people often
“How is this even possible? Aren’t you enemies? Please explain to us,
what is going on?” questions a human. “Okay, let me tell you, we are
not at war, this is just how you humans think. We vampires do not
live in coffins nor are we scared of holy water and garlics”, answers a
“Yes, and we werewolves do not bite humans as soon as we see
them nor can you people compare us to dogs or bats or wolves, which you usually do.
And we will obviously die with a silver knife pierced through our
heart, don’t you think anyone for that matter will” answers a
Then witch answers, “And we definitely do not live with cobwebs hanging all over us and we are not old with freaky laughs”.
Another supernatural creature says, “This whole thing was an
elaborate set up to break the stereotypical mindset you humans seem to have been having for ages. There has been evolution and growth in every field, be it science or education but still no development in the mindsets. So let us bring about small changes in ourselves so that we can bring big changes in world and make this year count. Let’s make it
our resolution of 2018 to have new thoughts for the new year ahead”.

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