Throughout the modern history, revolutions have been mainly achieved by popular uprisings. These uprisings have been lead by two active parts of society – media and students.

These two form a lethal combo – they can make empires tremble and can make governments fear for their sovereignty.

Of course, since kMITRA is only a year old, it is no way near that. But, I also believe that it is the right time to expand the course of kMITRA; to expand its wings into more prominent and active sections of society. We, being a part of the metropolitan society shouldn’t isolate ourselves from the issues we face. We should question and debate about the wrongs surrounding our society.

We might just be a college magazine, but it is no less a platform to voice our opinions for the betterment of our society. We must make it our strength and use it as a beacon to put forward our point of view boldly in a society where almost all the mainstream media houses are biased and corrupt.

I hope kMITRA does its part by being just, compassionate, moral and showcases articles which have a holistic view. It’s about time we cater to a wider audience and do not limit ourselves to just the college premises.

All the best team kMITRA.
May the force be with you!

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