The previous month in KMIT was full of co-curricular activities with students actively participating and showcasing their talents.

Debates, Story telling, Product launch competitions were held and students enthusiastically participated. Improvising communication skills and reasoning abilities was the driving force for many of these events. While students were busy participating, kMITRA team was equally occupied with covering these events.

Deloitte, just like every year, had come to our college to have an interactive session with the third year students. Mr. Manoj Bhale , Director of ERS (Enterprise Risk Services), spoke about the importance of ” Diversity, Inclusion and Leadership ” and how Deloitte implements them at every level. The third year students showed a lot of enthusiasm and took away many goodies Deloitte had to give for active participation.

Jeffrey Archer – The master story teller , was in Hyderabad as a part of a five-day campaign for his upcoming book. He interacted with students at ISB, Gachibowli and we, kMITRA team, were fortunate to cover the event. Also, there are many more interesting articles in this edition that you’d love to read.

This edition is dedicated to our beloved seniors. This is their last academic month and we wanted to make it a very special fare-thee-well for all of them. In a dedicated article, seniors speak about their journey so far and journey ahead. It was a nostalgic trip down the memory lane for all the seniors who spoke to us.

The kMITRA team wants to bid a special farewell to those few seniors who are leaving behind a legacy. A legacy worth following. Though the college magazine was developed by seniors and juniors together, it is essentially the brain child of these seniors who have, out of their own interest, worked days and nights to give us all this wonder platform.

To all seniors, this is an epitome of gratitude for all that you have done for us. We will remember this in all the ups and downs which are ahead of us.

Shri Ram Pydimarri ,

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