Date: September 24, 2012

Dear Manasi,

I started college today, finally! Whenever I walk around the corridor I get this posh feeling of “Hey, I’m a college student now!”. It’s kind of ridiculous but the feeling is great!

Day One was pretty intriguing, to say the least. I really want to make a good first impression of myself here; I met some new people and they seemed friendly which is cool but I wonder whether we will end up being friends and whether we will stay that way for a long time to come.

During the day I saw some seniors coming to college in formal wear holding binders and stuff; are they being recruited? I’ve heard a lot about Finishing School and Trishul classes during the orientation day before yesterday. From the looks of it, there is so much to do here. I know we’re only in first year and we still have time until our recruitment begins but it just seems like such a huge thing.

I heard that all first years have the same subjects but from next year each branch goes its separate way. I’m excited to learn about my stream but I hear that some subjects are tough to pass in the exam. Will I be able to pull through each semester easily?

College seems like a nice place but there also is a big sense of “new” everywhere. People say that these four years will be the best of your life but that just adds to the pressure. Are these years in college easy or tough? I want to make sure I get a chance to do everything and to do it right. One thing is for sure – I want the next four years in K.M.I.T to be AWESOME. When I look back, I want to see only good memories and experiences. I can’t wait to get started on this new phase of life and learn new things! I hope college life will be as much the happy ride as people say.




4 years later..

Date: March 28, 2016

Dear  Manasi,

I have just about two weeks or so left of college life. The fact that four years here are coming to an end is SO getting to me. But I have no regrets and you know why? Because these four years have been AWESOME, the way you want yours to be. However, it won’t only be the sweet, flowery ride you expect. Your years here will teach you a lot things about life and here’s why:

For me, each year was awesome in its own special way. I learned a new language outside of college from my second year onward, attended some competitions and participated in events. In terms of classes, subjects get progressively deeper every year. Don’t fret though; there are some really good professors who may teach you in the ensuing semesters. Apart from their help, you will have night-outs and (mostly namesake) group studies in the 11th hour. Of course one can’t forget All-in-One. You will find out soon enough what that is. You will have to prove yourself in your final year with projects and seminars but pulling through each semester isn’t a biggie, so don’t worry.

So I did learn a lot of things just like you want to. On another note, though, do you remember how you said you met a few people on your first day and you said that you wonder if they will end up being your friends? I suggest that you don’t try to make people like you. Be yourself, no matter who you are around. The more you try to live for your image, the less you live for yourself. (Gosh, that made sense. Someone, please write that down.) Give it time and the right people will come your way. In the mean time just chill and have fun.

There will be events in college every year. K.M.I.T Evening is a really good chance for you to just go out there and show everyone what you’ve got. I danced twice on stage in two years. I also danced in flash mobs on special occasions like Women’s Day! All those performances were just…Wow, I will always love that feeling. Don’t ever give up a chance to do something that seems interesting to you because you have nothing to lose if you try! Dress up beautifully for events like Patang Utsav and Dandiya Night and have a superb time.

Oh! There’s one more thing – as a co-curricular activity, I became a part of this really cool team that runs the college e-magazine “kMITRA”. You have to join them, it is an amazing experience!

The seniors you mentioned with the binders were, in fact, being recruited. You’re right, recruitment is a huge deal and there is a lot of effort that goes into it. In third year though you will be a part of Finishing School which is such a blessing; make good use of the F.S teachers. I got a great job and those set of teachers helped me in every step of the process. They made me believe that I’m capable of achieving what I aim for… and that is priceless.

There will be times and moments which you like and some which you won’t. I guess I’m trying to tell you that college isn’t awesome because everything is how you want it to be, but because everything is how it should be; it has the Ups and the Downs. As you said, there is so much to do and you may find that you have so little time to accomplish everything. You will certainly have reality checks every now and then and there is also a good chance that you will face failure in some form or the other. However you WILL also learn from them. You are going to meet some great people and have fun, memorable moments that will put a smile on your face years and years from now. College life is the whole package; you want it to be amazing? It will be, I promise you that. It may not be the perfect phase you want but it will be absolutely worth it. Live every second to the fullest. I hope your four years will be as stupendously awesome as mine were.

Yours forever,


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