“Think. Integrate. Evolve.” is our motto, here at kMITRA. Breaking out of the established patterns, with creativity as our tool, we present, a very special edition that represents both change and hope. Working our way step-by-step, towards improving every aspect of what we are as a magazine; And during this process, discovering the many merits of teamwork and finding our own strengths and weaknesses. All said and done, it was a beautiful journey of thoughts and ideas, and of the blood and sweat that it took to achieve them.

This edition, unravel the mysteries of creation with Pratish as he narrates the chronicle of Brahma and his folly with desire, or find yourself lost in a world of mystery as Meghana takes you on a tour through her magical Apothecary.

Shivani’s short story, a dinner to remember, gives a literal twist to the phrase, “The professor’s eating away my brain.”, While, Sravya goes into depth about the science of cryonics, a technology that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi novel. Although, the thought of waking up 200 years into the future, sends a shiver down our spines.

Speaking of things that give you the chills, Radhika covers a gut-wrenching incident highlighting the inhumane treatment that animals face, in Animals have feelings too, which makes us wonder what would an animal who has faced such misery, tell us about humanity if it had the ability to do so.

Exploring a different side of human nature, Saba provides a self-help guide on how to identify and tackle peer pressure, which in regards to the social media-centric society of today, is something all of us should keep in mind.

And with Independence Day right around the corner, many would speak about the courage of martyrs and great men who fought for our freedom, but Purva gives us all a different perspective on bravery in “Mother on Duty”. On the other hand, we have Aishwarya and Suraj, bringing heroic athletes of India into the limelight, narrating the tales of those who never gave up and of those in the shadows.

Being the football fanatic that he is, Abhay is still not over his world cup fever and is back with another article to bring closure to the fantastic spectacle that was the FIFA world cup 2018.

And if you are at home, relaxing, and in need of something to read or watch, We’ve got you covered. Check out Shreya’s review of Dead Beautiful and Ritika’s take on the latest Netflix comedy special, Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, which breaks down what made the show the most discussed comedy special in ages.

Now, for many if not most, college might seem boring, but to use what you’ve learned in college and put a fun twist to it is an art on its own. Which is the case with Snehitha’s recipe for pizza cups, hard-coded into a java file. Although, getting the output might be more difficult than simply running it through a compiler.

And lest we forget, get exclusive insights of the KMIT faculty excursion by Nimisha and Mahathi, where we get a look at how our beloved lecturers spent their day off, because hey, they too need a break from their hectic Schedules from time to time.

All of these, neatly wrapped in personalized feature images, created by our newly formed designers’ team lead by Anmol, helps the magazine achieve the next level in putting out our content for everyone. Looking back, at all the efforts put into this edition, we hope for a brighter future for kMITRA ahead.


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