When will these people, finally understand.

That depression is much more than feeling a little blue.

It is that wound which never heals.

It is the numbness, which overtakes and never leaves.

Feeling everything at once and nothing at all.

In despair, the tears free fall.

Not once, not twice, a million times a day.

The heart breaks over, a plea in vain.

An attention seeker, I am called.

“ You are ungrateful ”, “Just do something, you'll get over it ”,

have I not tried, have I not done it all ?

No one knows, the pain I endure.

How just a little smile can turn my day around.

A stigma attached to it in the society.

The only one for I keep going on is Almighty.

All I need, is an ear to listen.

No judgement, just a hand lent can make all the difference.

I am not dramatic, nor am I faking it.

Depression is a real thing, please do believe me.

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