If you haven’t been paying attention to the news lately,something quite interesting has been happening in Delhi.Mrs. Kiran Bedi has been drafted by the big guys to play for them against AAP .

Considering the fact that if Arvind Kejriwal hadn’t tried to rebel against himself with “anarchy” ruling the day,this just might not have happened.
It is unfortunate that Kiran Bedi entered so late into the game (i.e. Indian Politics) because frankly, we could have avoided a lot of high octane shouting on national television with Mrs.Bedi waving the Oxford English Dictionary at people.
Her support for BJP had started pretty early on,so this seemed inevitable in hind-sight.
While many may call this “Horse Trading”, having been shoulder to shoulder with AK-49 in the times of the Jan -Lokpal bill (which for some reason has conveniently been forgotten),or perhaps she wishes to enforce the agenda while in the government. After it has won clear majority, while she was tweeting against them countless times before election results.
And while the country is still waiting on the black money to return to homeland, which if it does will single- handedly tackle any and all funding issues we might have for a very long time, we get to see Kiran Bedi who was anti-corruption join BJP who she has accused of said corruption.anna
But curiously, the Jan-Lokpal bill will not be on her agenda(Ann-Shun forgotten), for she states her first priority now is women safety which I completely support because no-one can understand the gravity of the situation more than a woman(which is saying very little for the previous Delhi C.M.-immortalized by Katrina Kaif- her name is Sheila), more-so for a woman who has braved a highly male-dominated field and faced gender discrimination first hand.
She has been through the fire and I am sure we trust her to tackle the rising hate crimes with the sole determination with which she turned around the prisoners of Tihar Jail.

Her agenda consists of 6 P’s
‘The first P is people and that is parents, principals and the community leaders (the preachers). People is a very vital component.
The second P is the politician as the politician gives you the rules, it gives you resources, it gives you regulations, it gives you law. If you notice, the law came so late after the Nirbhaya’s case and even the law against sexual violence came by an ordinance. So, a politician has a very important role in strengthening laws.
The third P is the police and it is for reaction as well as response. We then have the community policing, which is for prevention and investigation.
The fourth P is prosecution as to how fast is the trial, while the fifth 5 is prison. This is very crucial as in the past many rapists were those who were released from prisons such as the Shakti Mill and Uber case.
The last P is the press – how they deliver and communicate. These are the six P’s and this is the crux. They need to meet regularly with a strategy.’
While I am cautiously optimistic about women safety, it seems futile to keep high expectations of any party really handling this problem because this is a problem that has deep roots in who we are as a patriarchal society, so would she be able to change an entire culture, more-so the identity that lies in it?
But that’s just my jaded opinion, and anything is better than the rioting blue-faced,anarchist she might contest against.
But you never know, maybe the reservoir of Mobil oil he should have collected by now just might fuel him to the finish line.

Aaah,probably not, so don’t let the broom hit you on the way out!

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