What has happened to today’s mankind, where have the colours of LOVE faded???

What wretched time is this!!! There is a battle between brothers,somewhere there is blood and somewhere there is blaze. Who knows what is about to happen!! Everyone’s head is bowed today. The Independence procession has stopped,all around is just treachery, only treachery….

On every dagger there is blood. Today all are sad. Hundreds and thousands of men and women are crying, the courtyards and alleys are crying, all neighborhoods are crying, Salma is crying, Seeta is crying, Quraan and Geeta are crying. Today the Himalaya’s are shouting : where is that old connection and relationship gone? The whole country has been bitten by poisonous snakes, the home’s are set on fire by the lamps owned by them.

Our country was that country, where in difficult times men sacrificed their lives but, saved the honour of their sisters. But now!! Where have that affection vanished??? Now all that is left are the wounds. The wind is blowing backwards,women are shivering with fear, today each veil is in danger,sisters’ honour is in danger, the bangles of the bride are in danger, the ankle bracelet is scared in case it gets wounded today.

Today no home is safe any more,everyone is afraid of being looted. We have seen our country,we have seen the downfall of men. Today even sisters are attacked.!! In some far corner the religion cries…….. Upon whose head can the blame be laid? To whom can we appeal? Those who are fighting ,all of them are our own brothers, all of them here are the accused. Alas, all have forgotten love. Today, it is the blood that is flowing.

Look at this HUMAN, look at the son of the earth, look how mean spirited he is. He has stolen the happiness of millions,the devastation he has created today,this country will give evidence of that. The result is the enmity with each other . The world is laughing at us and the reputation of our country is hurt. This is the warning of what type of danger????

Today there is poison even in the wind,where ever you look this is what that is happening. This is horrifying. The shadow of death is in each house. The windows are closed, the doors are closed. Everyone are scared. What will happen to these poor souls? What will happen to these helpless people? They can lose every thing,they can be attacked. No saviour is in sight, the Giver is lost in the sky. What is this condition of our world, today we can see the funeral procession of Love……!!


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