Aren’t all of us artists trying to express ourselves in this world? In my opinion, art is a form of expressing an emotion. Learning how to express our subconscious emotions and communicate with them will take time but what is constant is that art does not revolve around perfection, it continues to develop. Art’s subject matter is emotion and its purpose is expression. It is a lot more than just a hobby, it is one such creation that enables interpretation of any kind.

Art means to express the inexpressible. Let it be drama, dance, song, or a picture, everything has a concept that assuredly explicates the person behind it. There is no inferior artist because everyone has a way to express it but only a few gratify people and we incline to categorize them as good or bad. Sometimes people don’t understand what we are endeavouring to portray. Every artist tries to make the audience feel proximate to that emotion as it can only be expressed and not be felt by the other person.

Art also connects people. When people vibe to similar music or like the same movies or dance their souls out to the same musical composition, there is a connection between them. People with the same taste in art connect faster which in turn is the reciprocation of emotion. Every emotion felt is incipient and unique. Two people can never feel the same way but, they can be similar or relatable. Every image you visually perceive triggers a bunch of feelings in you and it is unique.

Apart from feeling more connected to people around you, it also connects you with yourself. It has the ability to heal people. It can stimulate the relinquishment of dopamine which will in turn lower the feelings of melancholy and increases confidence. There may be an abundance of feelings that one ignores over some time but art makes them get in touch with that which may be blissful or doleful but it will help people rejuvenate. There are times when one feels solitary and that is when art helps. People need some techniques and interests that avail them to open up.

How did you feel when you heard your favourite song? Or why is it your favourite? Did you feel peaceful or serene? It is just because you felt relatable or maybe the song expressed all those obnubilated feelings that you were not able to express. The songwriter and the singer have to be emotionally connected to it. Few writers indite the lyrics based on their life i.e., they are endeavouring to express themselves through songs. They want the people to know about it and the art form that they culled is music. Like always said, music needs no language, you can connect to it anyways. Art gives us a way to share those emotions with other people through a language that we can all understand.

Involution in art like active participation in dance, music, painting or reading books, or listening to music composed by others will make the person feel better and a little less encumbered. Paintings and photographs make us feel alive. Art customarily depicts any past experiences or one’s imagination. Stories remind us of certain instances and images give us glimpses of life.

Writing is one way of expressing ourselves. It is easy to understand and the message is conveyed directly to the readers. Literature is a profoundly easy way of artist-reader communication. We relate to the characters sometimes which makes it more intriguing. Many people maintain diaries or journals, well they are the best listeners sometimes and we don’t have to fear being judged at least.

There is no language barrier to art. You can feel the essence of it despite the language. We listen to songs in different languages, but that doesn’t restrict us from feeling the warmth or placidity that the musical composition radiates. Art has the puissance to take the cultural practices from where they belong and share them with the world without losing their true essence and identity.

Movies of different languages depict different cultural activities yet, we still watch them. Sometimes it is just for regalement but we re-watch the same movie so many times only because we like the way we feel while watching it. The profound appreciation and comfort that we get from a few characters can’t be explained. We smile when they are jubilant and tears roll down our cheeks unknowingly sometimes when the characters in the movie are sad, we root for them and express our joy as if they are real. But they are just a reflection of someone, and sometimes us. The reason why we have favourite movies or comfort characters is just that they make us feel the best.

In the words of Leo Tolstoy,” The activity of art is based on the capacity of people to infect others with their own emotions and to be infected by the emotions of others. Strong emotions, weak emotions, important emotions or irrelevant emotions, good emotions or bad emotions – if they contaminate the reader, the spectator, or the listener-it attains the function of art.” The definition of art and whether it is subjective or objective will always be a controversial question but the fact is that art touches us emotionally. Knowingly or unknowingly art influences our life.

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