Games have long been a part of human history, evolving from physical sports, to board games, to video games today. Video games themselves have come a long way in their evolution, and their latest instalments are the Battle Royale games, which include the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, Overwatch and now, Apex Legends.

Over the last couple of years, Battle Royale has exploded in the gaming community. In this type of gameplay, players are brought together on a battlefield. The game goes on till a single player or a single squad survives.

Caustic, Lifeline and Mirage

A child of Respawn Entertainment and EA games, which is the leading game development company of the world currently. Apex Legends is free to play,  hero shooter. The player selects one of eight different heroes. Each of them with their unique abilities, categorised either as Offensive, Defensive, Support or Recon.

The Legends

Each game accommodates 20 squads of 3 players each, who compete to survive till the end, as they scour the landscape for weapons and equipment. While fighting, you can either be knocked down or killed. But don’t stress if you are killed. If you have teammates surviving, they can respawn you back into the game.

A Respawn Beacon

This particular feature gives a player more game time, unlike PUBG where you can’t participate anymore if you die. (Not taking into account the new war mode).

The game has seen immense success right from the get-go. With over 2 million players on the first day, and over 25 million within a week. They achieved this by incorporating all of the best features of multiple genres of Battle Royales.

With great visuals and immersive gameplay, it won’t be long before this game makes itself known throughout the world.

In Game Visual

I’ve been playing this game for a little over two weeks now, and I feel it has so much to offer to the gaming community. So, if you are a PUBG or an Overwatch fan, or simply love a good first-person shooter game. You should definitely give Apex Legends a go. Check out the trailer here.

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