Ever since she started writing, her ink got spent only for pain and people who hurt her.  Maybe that is how she found words and phrases for the agony she faced.

She used to walk to the writing table every night with some new feeling she put up with the entire day and then a volcanic eruption used to take place.  The eruption was of words which perfectly defined the beat of her heart. After spending a night with herself, the next morning she is ready with a mask on.

“Swecha, do we have a class now?” he screamed from the other end of the corridor.

“Yes we do.” she answered identifying the most heard voice in her class without looking at him.

“Then, where are you going? Aren’t you coming to the class?” he started enquiring.

“Uh! I am actually not interested, so just hanging around here.” she made an eye contact.

“Okay. Why hang around alone? Let us accompany each other. ”


They started walking together making a very general conversation any two newly met people would.

“Probably, the class has got over. I need to attend the next one.” she interrupted.

“Oh! Even I need to, let’s go.” That was the end of their first conversation.

He found her interesting as she was someone with a lot inside and he was eager to see that world she suppressed into her.  She first tried to escape and not to give a hint about what she actually is, but then every hand that soothes a heart is loved.

“Swecha, what do you think about love?” he questioned all of a sudden.

“What’s wrong with you… Love?  That’s basically not a topic of my kind.”

“There is no such topic which would not be of our kind, every topic and talk can be owned by anyone”

“I don’t want to own that topic, get it this way?”

“I please you to or maybe I insist you.”

“Karan, stop irritating.”

“Swecha, stop hiding.”

“Okay, what?” she screamed.

“Love”, he whispered.

“Trash”, she uttered.


“You asked my opinion right? so that’s my opinion, no more questions” she decided not to disclose much.


She could have spoken for hours about any feeling but then only on a paper through ink as that’s the only thing which takes, consoles and gives.

“Swecha?” he knocked her door.

“Karan, all of a sudden?”

“Yes, it’s me. Now let me in”

“Get in. ”

“Your room looks like a sky without clouds, there is some sort of thing missing here”

“My dreams, usually every room is complete with thy dreams, but they lack in mine ”

“Dreams decorate life also, why don’t you dream?”

“Dreams never come true, Karan, so why think of a future which is fake? ”

“They are satisfying.”

“You want to have something? ” she cut the flow.

“Some sort of snacks.”

Karan walks towards the table she spends most of her time. He opens a drawer and then his eyesight catches that neatly placed notebook; with some curiosity, he opened it and then reads a beautifully written poem. Feeling the words while reading he placed his hand on the page, and sensed a tear which got dried,  he turned the page he came across the same feel but along with them he sensed the feel,  and felt the words.

“Karan, coffee or tea? ” she screamed aloud from downstairs.

“Umm…  Coffee ”

Knowing that she wouldn’t be okay with he looking into them, he immediately took a snap of a poem and placed it back.

“Dhokla and coffee, okay? ”

“Absolutely ”

“Okay, now tell what? ”

“What?  I’ve come here to have Dhoklas. They taste good.”

“Finish them and leave. ”

“So rude.”

“Oh sorry! Please leave.” she didn’t want him in her personal space.

“Bye ”

As soon as he reached home, the first thing he did was to submit that poem to an e-magazine.

“Swecha, You’ve done a great job”, her lecturer who never bothered about her existence in the class said.

“Sorry sir, but for what? ” she was surprised.

“Your article” saying this he showed the poem which got published in the e-magazine.

She saw her words but in a different place.

“Karan, where the hell are you?” she walked into the class screaming.

Within a span of a second, they captured everybody’s attention.

“What’s wrong with you Swecha? ”

“What’s wrong with you?  How dare you get into my personal things and put it in front of the world?”

“I am sorry and Congratulations”, he lowered his voice.

“Shut up, give me a god damn reason why did you have to do this? ”

“To see this person in you, a person who screams at that someone  who breaks her trust rather than shedding tears,  a person who is a brilliant writer but never showed it to any, you can make a successful career with those creative skills of yours, Believe me”

“But… ” She realized what she is.

“Good job Swecha.” other classmates of her intruded.

“Thank you” she smiled. That smile was very pure and beautified her face.

“Thank you Karan” she spoke with the smile.

” That’s my responsibility to make you carry that curve I am seeing.” he was that person who stepped into her life not to leave footprints but to walk along.

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