Dearest M,Have you ever met someone who you desire and admire, someone who fills the empty corners of your heart? The one who crosses your path and stays with you forever?  Someone who makes you feel elated, awakens you from inside and provides you a new outlook on life?  Well, I have. Do you know who that person is? It's you. You make me feel elated. I Googled a few adjectives but still couldn't find the perfect word to describe you. I wonder, how  a person I met after 13 years can become such an important part of my life. I remember the day  I met you at that party. You were wearing that  long and lovely blue gown  with high heels and those spects, mismatched, yet attractively complimenting your round, chubby cheeks.

Happiness can be found in a lot of forms. I never felt happy about myself. I blame my inferiority complex for that. But when I talk to you, I feel a rush of happiness within myself. There might be a million ways to thank a person, but none appropriate enough to thank you. I am still uncertain if all of this is just a dream.

As time passed and we became closer, my heart screamed and every nerve echoed that  you are my inspiration. My beacon of light. My best friend.  My soul sister. That is how special you are to me. I have always been afraid of making friends and sharing my secrets with anyone. But with you, I just don’t feel the need to hide anything. I trust you. I believe in you. I admire you. I have faith in you. That is how much you mean to me.

I fall short of words when I mention how much you've helped me overcome my greatest fears. Earlier, I was the apple in an orange basket, far from  society, away from any of its interactions, and then you came in  like an angel, helping me mingle with the outer world and calming my tornado of emotions. I outgrew my fear of making friends and failing at it. If it hadn't been you and our immense friendship,  I would have probably  been locked in the body of the  introvert,  who I was, a week before meeting you.

I have never met someone so compassionate, so caring and loving, someone so close to my heart that now, I am afraid of losing you. I don't need to mention this but thank you for bearing my dumb puns and pointless jokes. Yesterday night, another notification popped up in my profile, Facebook said that we had liked each other 216 times to be exact. It probably  might have been because of us stalking each other for absolutely no reason, but only if someone could tell that dumb bot that it doesn't matter how many digits it adds to that number of likes, we will love each other endlessly, forever.

You are indeed a Groot, full of mischief and I just wish that I could listen to your stories again and again. People say nothing lasts forever but I guarantee you that we will prove them wrong. I have lost count of how many times I’ve thanked you but I guess that's what all of this is about. Thank you for making me me, again.

With loads of love, kisses, and hugs,


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