When you google search good features of a team, you will find many generic and cliché lists that are not always true for every team. So here are a few features that have made kMITRA run consistently and passionately for the past 5 years. 


1) An amalgamation of passionate people:

   Whether it is singing, dancing or art, passion places a vital role for any individual to take that extra leap and get things done. kMITRA as a team has passionate writers, graphic designers, and developers. This makes the team efficient and results in a good quality of work.


2) Communication:

   One of the most important aspects of a team is to communicate properly. Every member of kMITRA is given a chance to share their ideas and talk about their work. Before making any decision, every member is consulted and asked to share their point of view which makes everyone feel heard and responsible for all the new endeavors of the team.


3) The culture among the team:

   For a team that has both junior and senior students of a college, it is important that they are comfortable with each other and know each other in the team. kMITRA has many team building activities like the monthly team meetings, team lunches, fundraising initiative, farewells organized for the graduating seniors, etc. which creates a healthy and fun culture among the members. This helps in ensuring that everyone is happy and comfortable around each other.


4) Good mentors:

A group of people can’t function as a team unless they have a mentor to guide them through the process of work. kMITRA is fortunate to have amazing alumni members who have shown the direction to take this team forward and helped shape the culture among its members.

They always give their valuable feedback on the articles and the initiatives of the team which is very important to maintain the quality and standard of work that the team is putting out.

Apart from the alumni group, kMITRA also has a faculty mentor Miss Shweta Paropkari who has been very supportive of the team, guiding them with the articles and themes for the editions. She is equally or more passionate about literature and writing, which inspires us as a team.


5) Support from the management:

 As much as the success of a team depends on the people, it also vastly depends on the support from the management, be it a company or a team like kMITRA- a magazine run by students.

KMIT college is a huge factor in the success of this E-Magazine as it has given full support to the team, right from permissions to host the magazine on its domain to conducting meetings regularly, allowing the team to take in juniors and organizing workshops for the students, etc.

This has helped the team immensely to carry out their day to day work without any problems.



All these things make kMITRA a successfully running e-magazine for the past 5 years. The team has gone through many ups and downs but it always holds up and gets the work done. These are mainly the features that show how a team can go from just a group of undergraduates to a family of passionate people on a journey to gain experience and achieve great results.

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