10 Things Every KMITian can Expect from 2015

1. JNTU will start giving sensible question papers and results


I’d rather let’s pray, that JNTU will give us those Marks we deserve at least from following semester on wards.

2.Microsoft will come to campus for recruitment

msWho doesn’t fancy an offer letter from MICROSOFT? Let’s expect that 2015, will bring back Microsoft recruitment to KMIT. And after Srinivas Pushkar one of us will bask in that glory!

3. Our Library will start issuing NOVELS


How many of you have wished to take home novels from our Granthalaya? Count me in!  May 2015 grant us this wish.

4. We get to take a selfie with  Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to KMIT in August yet again, well I hope he will click a Selfie with us and we can all flaunt it!

5. 2015, give us less monstrous VIVA externals

You know what I mean, if only that encounter we face once in a semester can get a little better in 2015

  6. National and Public Holidays don’t fall on SUNDAYS

This is one thing that will never go off the list, be it any year. Imagine the pain of losing out one potential holiday!

7. Our watchmen will STOP whistling

I know this is wishful thinking, but they will stop at nothing until we actually start following rules.

8. Let’s hope KMIT Radio will restart with a bang in 2015


 I’m giving away a surprise, you will actually get to listen to your favorite tracks on campus.   90.4 FM KMIT Tarang all the way!

9. 2015 will start with our very own Saanjh-e-KMIT

Saanjh-e-KMIT or KMIT Evening or Annual Day call it with any name it promises to bring loads of entertainment and fun. Wish along with me, that this new year celebrations will continue with preparations for KMIT Evening

10. We start studying from the very first day of the Semester

Yes yes yes,but what’s the harm in dreaming you know? 😉

Special Mention

11. FREE WIFI in college

If only, we could get access to college WiFi, well all we can do is Wish and Wait for it to come true!

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