Inspired by Fictional character : Tyler Durden,
FightClub (1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk),
(Portrayed by Brad Pitt, FightClub , 1999 film)..


*At 9 o’clock in the evening, in the backyard of a local convenience store, Tyler Durden drags down the shop keeper and points a pistol at him, demanding his wallet. The shopkeeper immediately hands over his wallet. Edward Norton (Tyler’s friend) rushes to the backyard to stop Tyler from doing whatever he was planning to do. Meanwhile, Tyler with the other hand checks the shop keeper’s wallet, he finds an old college library ID which has expired *

 Tyler Durden: *pointing a .22 caliber pistol at Raymond’s head, reads out his name from the card* “Raymond K. Hessel, what did you study in your college?

Raymond: *on his knees, scared and sweating profusely * “… Stuff.” 

Tyler: “What stuff?

Raymond: “…Bi…Biology mostly…

Tyler: “Then, why are you working at this convenience store?
 *clicks the pistol as though to take a shot *

Edward: “Tyler… Tyler, stop it and let him go..



We have all been(and maybe still are) in Raymond’s shoes.

Each of us are a part of this world and it has been stated that we have to try convince ourselves that we are unique. Your uniqueness makes you have your own take on the world, what makes you different is what you get excited about, what you are passionate about.
Yet, we sacrifice our uniqueness our individuality to “Follow-the-herd!” adopting the mentality of a sheep, because we still derive our strength and sense of security from numbers. If you’re not sure about what I’m talking, ask few random classmates of yours, what they want to be in their life. Maybe you don’t have to wait for an answer, because their answers are the same old predictable things, not in the least bit intriguing.
More often than not, their answers are along the lines of, “Getting that perfect job that allows me to do what I want-have my cake and eat it too”. But to tell you the stark truth, your creativity is stifled, you start resenting yourself, you want to move on in life. So maybe you take the plunge and go for a postgraduate degree, ask yourself, will you be utilizing this knowledge that you are actively pursuing or is it the degree that interests you, because the answer to that question will make the difference.
Maybe you are comfortable being just a white-collar slave. And there are few answers which go like “I don’t know!”, “I’ll probably be sure by next semester” which are ridiculous to hear. Or the eternal dilemma: “Am I doing the right thing by choosing this? Is this the right thing for me?” Even this thinking is dangerous if it lingers for too long because that would mean we are not striving enough to explore new things nor are we living up to the choices we made.

When we talk about such issues,we should also keep in mind that few of us were forced into a life, which we didn’t want .There are many examples where parents persuade or impose their dreams on us. So it all comes down to our desire to build our future in the way we wanted to with the choices we made. Because when you really want something, everything else in the world should fade away.(Kind of like love at first sight! ) No explanations asked, no excuses given.

In our childhood, there was not a single day which went by without a dream to become something or to do something new. We dreamt that we would lead but never did we dream that we would follow.
Exploring was a daily routine to all of us, because “Curiosity” is the only way we humans grow. If you don’t agree that means Curiosity is either being disowned or is lying dormant just waiting to be resuscitated.
Thanks to the society and its education system that we are dealing with every day, this society is burying all this enthusiasm alive. We’ve all heard the adage, “Curiosity kills the cat”, and it’s always a warning-don’t meddle with things that you don’t understand.
But that’s not the end of that adage, it actually is- “Curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brings it back.”.We’re living in a society where Curiosity in kids and teenagers is discouraged but over 2 billion dollars is spent to send Curiosity Rover to the Mars.
(The hypocrisy : yardstick of civilization !) .

We are reduced to nothing but robots to fit into this society, full of superstitions, badly tailored school curriculums to learn pedantic conventions.
Now here we are, too dumb to realize, too lazy to be curious, too vulnerable to fight the society, society whose foundations just seems to be crumbling with each generation.
Yes, this means war.
An untold war every successful person has fought against the system.
So have we got the courage to face this oblivion that has been thrust upon us?


*Raymond, sobbing and shivering *

Raymond: “I…I don’t know…plea…please let me go… *cries and pleads with his hands clasped*

*after a pause, Tyler asks gravely*

Tyler: “The question is… what you wanted to be in your life , Raymond K. Hessel ?!?

Raymond: “A Vet… A Veterinarian. *trembles in fear*

Tyler: “Good…An animal doctor…Then why are you working here?

*Raymond hesitates to answer why…*

*Tyler pushes the pistol harder into his head and yells*

Tyler: Why?? Why are you still a shopkeeper??

Edward: * trying to cool Tyler’s anger  *

Answer him dammit, tell him why!

Raymond: Too.. Too much to study, couldn’t keep up with the academ…

*Tyler interrupts and thrusts the gun at point blank range*

Tyler: “Would you rather be dead??



To be continued…

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