Issue 23

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

We have stepped into another month of 2017, the last month of the semester and the last month of college for all the seniors. I’m already feeling nostalgic, and I’m going to miss college a lot. Our kMITRA team asked our fourth years how they  feel about this and what all they will miss, they [...]


Victorious Viktor

If one were to think that the meaning of life, and the search for it thereof, could be discerned by reflection from print on parchment, one wouldn’t have to look any further than the works of Viktor Frankl. Viktor is a surivor of the Holocaust, and a psychoanalyst. His works were destroyed, as was his [...]

Do It Yourself

Sorbet for Summer

People often consider sorbet to be another fancy word for ice cream, but what makes sorbet not an ice cream is its richness in fruit and natural goodness. Sorbet is almost always made with frozen fruit . Its ingredients are pure and simple- any frozen fruit and condensed milk. I prefer condensed milk to sugar [...]


Cultural Linguistics

What is Cultural Linguistics? Cultural linguistics is the relationship between ethnology and linguistics and is also called Ethnolinguistics. In other words, it is about ethnic groups and their perception of the world around them through the use of language and gestures. It observes the strong correlation between language and culture up to an extent as [...]


What To Wear This Summer?

To all the pretty girls and cool guys out there, now that the summer’s here, feel free to restyle your outfits that match the weather and your gorgeousness. To help you find your favorite clothing, below is a  collection which may make your hunt for new trends easier.               [...]


Naam Shabana Review

  Naam Shabana, has been made as a prequel to the film Baby (2015), which was written and directed by Neeraj Pandey. But, Naam Shabana was  directed by  Mr. Shivam Nair and that’s probably why the movie lost all its charm. Both the movies deal with the functioning of the undercover Indian Intelligence Agencies. The [...]


Phillauri – A Review

*Spoiler Alert* Anshai Lal’s first directorial adventure, Phillauri is the story of Kanan (Suraj Sharma),  a confused NRI who  returns to India from Canada to marry his childhood friend Anu (Mehreen  Pirzada ).  The twist in the tale is  when  Kanan is forced to marry a tree first, as he is a “manglik”, due to [...]


A Testing Series!

    “When you let anger get the best of you, it brings out the worst in you”.   This may not make complete sense right away, but will eventually do as I proceed. March was the month which made every cricket enthusiast a couch potato and provided a lot of fodder for gossip. The eagerly awaited [...]

Tech Neutron

MOTO G5 plus

Motorola  announced their next generation of smart phones in the month of February at the MWC 2017 and they were  expected to release in the month of March this year. On 15th of this month, Motorola  added two new members to its family of mid-price range smartphones; Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus. These two [...]

Short Fiction

An Unfulfilled Wish

It was summer’s first rain. 50 year old  Raj looked outside the window. He stood remembering his previous year’s sweet memories  with  his  daughter Diya. Suddenly, his mobile buzzed. – ‘Princess calling’, it flashed. He smiled and answered the call. Before he could say anything, Diya said, “Dad! Make a wish.” He looked at the [...]


Do you have an answer?

Is it a compulsion to love yourself? What if you have no faith in yourself? What if you love it this way, What if there was no other way? Do you have an answer?   Is it a compulsion to opt for a profession? What if being the jack of all trades is your obsession? [...]

All Things KMIT

Old friends take new roads

Isn’t it strange, How fast time flies and how people change? Looking at the present everything feels the same, but looking at the past everything feels so rearranged. Well, I’m not writing a poetic prose about time. This is what most of the seniors answered when we asked them how they felt about graduation. In [...]


Legion: A review

INTRODUCTION   On watching any of the episodes of Legion, one can say right off the bat that it’s unlike any other TV show. It’s weird in the sense that it challenges one’s understanding and perception of modern cinema. It is an American cable television series, based on the Marvel Comics character David Haller/Legion. It is connected to [...]

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55 word fiction

He spent all his life giving away love. His motto- “all give but no take”. But one day he felt empty. That night, he closed his eyes, never to open them again. He gave away so much, there was nobody who could fill his void. It never occurred to him that even cupids need love.