Issue 28

Issue 28

All Things KMIT

Celebrations in the air and celebrations everywhere!!

Time does fly by. KMIT is 10 years old already! Soon, it’ll be its 20th birthday we’ll celebrate and next the 30th and on and on it goes. No matter how many decades go by, KMIT Diwas, KMIT’s tin celebrations, will be the most memorable celebration solely because, for the first time in KMIT’s history, [...]

All Things KMIT

A Deed Well Done – Charity ’17

On 13th October, KMIT celebrated its 10th anniversary with a day-long fest on our beautiful green campus. Even as it evolves, KMIT’s purpose remains the same: to nurture talent and foster initiative among the youth of today. As KMIT marked 10 years, it encouraged students to make social contributions (or charity as we like to call it) [...]

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

We turn three! Incidentally, we celebrate the biggest edition of kMITRA, with 28 articles and it also happens to be the 28th edition of the magazine! Before we get into the articles, do check out the art gallery we have, with the doodles of the doodle event on KMIT Diwas. The response was tremendous, and [...]

As I see it

Why I Write

"Writing is a painting of the Voice" In a world where real conversations are replaced by text messages, I dream about expressing my thoughts to someone. In a world where laminated family photographs are replaced by selfies confined to our phones, I dream about saving a moment just by the memory. In a world where [...]

Do It Yourself

Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie Pie

Chocolate & Raspberry Cookie Pie  Ingredients • 2 cups flour • 1 teaspoon baking soda • 1/2 teaspoon salt • 200gms unsalted butter, at room temperature • 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar • 1 cup sugar • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract • 2 eggs • 1/2 cup chocolate chips • 1 packet / 10 [...]

As I see it

The Gift Of Music

“Music is life, it’s a  haven”. I personally say this and feel that  most of  today’s teens have a similar opinion on music. Music has become an inseparable part of  our lives today. Previously, music was something people listened to when they had leisure, but today it is simultaneously played while doing almost anything. Teens [...]

TV Show Review

Stranger Things 2

Netflix released this year’s highly anticipated sci-fi/horror thriller to much fanfare on the 27th of October: Stranger Things 2 And. It. Delivered. Disclaimer: Minor spoilers  from this point beyond PLOT  The events of Stranger Things 2 are set a year after those of the first season: 1984. The season opens with everyone in the fictional [...]

As I see it

To Death, With Love

We all have that one friend who is never invited but shows up anyway, that one friend we pretend to be okay with because everyone also is. Death, my friend, is that friend. Death, I resent you with all my heart. I reject your presence, your whispers of a beautiful afterlife, your greed for my [...]

Tech Neutron

The Raspberry Pi

What is that? ‘Raspberry Pi’ sounds like the name of something you’d want to eat. But I assure you, it is something better. You’ll find something like “The Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers developed in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to promote the teaching of basic computer science [...]


The Island Of Dolls

What do you long for? What sort of a person are you? Are you  one who likes to experience something adventurous in life or  one who prefers monotony? Do you feel like making the most of your life? If the answer is yes, then you should probably visit a place called "The island of dolls" [...]



As I looked up at the heavens, A wave of delight swept over my body Transfixing my heart, Enchanting my gaze…   A muse never so beautiful, An embodiment of Mother Nature.   The orange sky embracing a spectrum of violet The sun at peace, Behind the faint rumble of the clouds Spreading a golden [...]


What the world would do without Google

A one word solution to almost any possible question, if you think Google is merely what you see on your home screen, then think again. It's more than just a company that provides a few services to make lives easier; it in fact is the very basic digital infrastructure the world thrives on. The name [...]


Depression. “Oh, you have depression! I get depressed too. ”

When will these people, finally understand. That depression is much more than feeling a little blue. It is that wound which never heals. It is the numbness, which overtakes and never leaves. Feeling everything at once and nothing at all. In despair, the tears free fall. Not once, not twice, a million times a day. [...]


A clash of countries: USA and North Korea

The conflict between North Korea and the U.S started way back in 1948 during the World War II. “Korea is called the forgotten war, and the part of what is forgotten is the utter ruin and devastation that was rained down on the North Korean people,” said a professor at Yonsei University in Seoul. The [...]

As I see it

Dosa: An Emotion

What is the dosa? DOSA is one of the most famous food items of south India and is usually eaten for breakfast. Not just south India, of late, it has gained popularity all around the world. “Dosa is not just food, it’s an emotion.”  This must be in the mind of every person who has [...]


Twin Telepathy

Have you ever faced  physical trouble and felt paranoid on finding that your sibling was facing the same physical trouble at the same time? All of you might not have experienced this but this can commonly be spotted among twins. This is where the word twin telepathy came to light. This amazing psychic ability, as [...]

As I see it

Opinions On A Leash?

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts”- Daniel Patrick.   Is everyone entitled to their own opinion? Many a time, when someone speaks about their opinions, they tend to have a misconception about the difference between opinions and facts. Opinions. What are opinions? Quoting the Oxford dictionary, ‘an opinion [...]


A Letter To My Muse

Dearest M,Have you ever met someone who you desire and admire, someone who fills the empty corners of your heart? The one who crosses your path and stays with you forever?  Someone who makes you feel elated, awakens you from inside and provides you a new outlook on life?  Well, I have. Do you know [...]


The Rainbow Flag

Do you know what LGBT means?It stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. Many of our fellow Indians are quite unaware of this term and it is hardly shocking. People with different sexual orientations,  different from those who call themselves “straight”, come under the LGBT community. Not that it should matter what sexual-orientation a person has, [...]


My Inspiration

             ‘Who inspires you?’ We are all often asked this question. Many people have a role model or people they look up to in their life , whether it be a sports star, celebrity or just someone we admire. We live in a world where great personae like Mother Teresa , Martin Luther King , Steve [...]

As I see it


My friend says he loves his shoes and loves travelling. Another said that he loves his mother. You love your shoes and you love your mother? Doesn’t the word love have any preponderance? The affection that we show towards our shoes and your mother are the same? Now, I shall have this point straight on [...]



In a world where happiness is not our default emotion, where choices are a double edged blade, where there is a hidden devil in every single one of us, waiting to jump out and mark its claim. A place where people have the most twisted and sadistic thoughts. Finding pleasure in watching themselves bleed, pleasure [...]

As I see it

Not in my name!

Freedom of religion in India is a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution of India. The Indian Constitution’s preamble was amended to state that India is a secular state. In theory, every citizen of India has a right to practice and promote his/her religion peacefully. The keywords being, ‘in theory’. All the recent murders have [...]


Never Stop Learning

Sometimes, in finding what makes us happy, we forget to explore new things. Lately, social media has become a shell and only a few manage to break out of it. We've stopped learning. We've stopped feeding our brains. When did you last visit a library? When you learn something new, ecstasy flows in its own [...]


The Problem

Set fire to your problems, And use it as a fuel to succeed, Let the ash keep you down to earth, And the smoke take you to the highest peaks. Never fear your problems, For they may come back for you. But this time you can shoot back, Cause you have a fire deep inside [...]

Short Fiction


ANONYMOUS “Good Morning!”, I heard someone say. But to whom? Where am I? It looks like I’m in a hospital. But why? What happened to me? Wait! But who am I? The person who wished me good morning comes to me and says, “Finally escaped.” He was wearing a white shirt, holding a coffee mug. [...]

All Things KMIT

Art Event ’17

Meeta: I adored the melodious voices and enthusiasm of dancers and singers on the KMIT evening. I was enthralled by the performance of my mates at the debate and various literary activities held at college. But I'd always longed for participating in a competition of my interest, to develop my skills further. My pen ran [...]

All Things KMIT

Entry of the winner of the poetry contest

We held our first ever poetry competition in college and got a decent response. As promised, the winner poem is being featured in KMITRA’s anniversary edition! Congratulations, Swathi! Shout out to Pratish for writing on a sensitive issue. Thank you all for participation, hope to see you again! Prompt: A blind man sees colour -------------------------------------------- [...]

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55 word fiction

"Why should I be the one to suffer alone and take all the pain?", she thought while cleaning up her wounds. Wounds caused by love and betrayal. Nothing until now could ever hurt her in this happy world. No one could. But here she stands in her perceived happy world, unhappy and all alone.