Issue 30

Issue 30

Editor's Note

From the Editor’s Desk

Hey beautiful people! Welcome to the 30th issue of KMITRA. A month has already passed and we’re hoping you guys were able to stick with the new year resolutions that you made. And for those of you who couldn’t, we’d like you to know that “January is always a good month for behavioral economics: Few [...]

Movie Review

‘Darkest Hour’ Review

Winston Churchill travels the streets of London at a time that is bright for him, and painful for the country. He is about to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the midst of a war with Nazis that threaten the very core of the Empire. Upon entering the second-third of the narrative, the character represents a [...]


Gond Art

Gond paintings form a mystic world that is created by dots and lines. They are a form of folk and tribal art that is practiced by one of the largest tribes in India and is predominantly centered in Madhya Pradesh, with whom it shares its name. Gond comes from the Dravidian expression ,Kond, which means ‘the [...]

As I see it

Is our reality a simulation?

In the age old classic movie ‘The Matrix’ a tantalizing theory was introduced… Is it possible that we are living in a simulation? This in time evolved into a philosophical dilemma of our existence. Are we a product of simulation conducted by highly evolved Extra Terrestrials (E.T)? Or worse, are we merely a level in [...]

Tech Neutron

The ‘GitHub’

GitHub is a website and service that most geeks talk about, yet people don’t really understand what is, so I’ll try to explain in my words about what Github does. To start with, we need to know about what 'Git' in GitHub is. Git is an open-source version control system that was started by the [...]



  Falling into depths of darkness With nothing to hold upon Silent voices echoing within me I cry for help, all the way along.   Helplessly, I now lie down Pleading my soul to let me live Exasperated I have ever been My life has come, to a standstill.   Deep in thoughts, I try [...]

All Things KMIT

Soaring the skies, happiness and kites

Sankranthi is the festival of harvest. Many people harvest crops but everybody harvests happiness. So is the case with KMIT. Every year, we celebrate Patangotsav before Sankranthi. This time was no different. We celebrated Patangotsav on the 12th of January from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. There were many activities in which both the students [...]

Story Writing

The Twisted Fate

“Hey honey! How was your day?” “Best day ever, mum”, replied Jackson as pale as grey. He trudged towards his room, hoping his mom hadn’t seen his eyes that clearly expressed his excruciating feelings. He slowly shut the door behind him and scuffed his backbone down until he hit the floor. He had a blurred [...]


The Boy Who Defied Death

Decrypting the legend and iconography of Markandeya DISCLAIMER: The following article aims to comprehend the legend and iconography of Markandeya from the author’s point of view and does not intend to hurt the sentiments of any individual or group. The stories mentioned in the article may/may not differ from the numerous representations of the legend [...]

Tech Neutron

Vim – The Bad Parts

                                               (if you were triggered by this title, you’re gonna love this article) I love Vim. Lots of programmers love it. It is to a programmer what a pencil is to an artist, [...]

As I see it


“I am absolutely fine”, she said in a smooth tone. “I know you are not fine! I know something is bothering you”, he said with an accented voice. “I am just being a tomboy, a manly girl”, she replied with a feigned smile. “But you are not a manly girl”, he said. “Really?” said she [...]

As I see it

How to: Misery

Happy! Not everyone wants to be happy. Some people like to be the saddest sado sailing on the sea of sadness. Now,if you relate to the latter, save this article, print this article, store it in the safest, saddest place you can find on this planet, because this, is your manual on “How to maximize [...]


Valentine’s Day- What we don’t know!

The month of Love is finally here!  “Valentine’s Day “- The day when people all around the world surprise their loved ones by romantic gestures; emotion called Love spreads everywhere. But, do we know how it started? We all definitely know that it’s not an Indian tradition, so then what is it? Let's know from where and how [...]


The Under 25 Summit – Hyd

The 'Under 25 summit 2018' is one of the largest youth festivals in India where people forget the boundaries made by the society; share ideas on a common platform, and showcase their talents. Speakers like Akaanksh Pothukutchi and Bhuvan Bam, enchanting melodious voices like Siddharth Bendi, Shaurya Singh, along with many other artists inspired the [...]

As I see it

Choose the suitable option

Of all questions impregnated with ambiguity, one of the most baffling ones has to be the one that goes along the lines of “why are you the way you are?” and more often than not, the answer lies somewhere in between habit, and habitat. “It’s a boy”, said the doctor. But it would only be [...]

As I see it


Last summer, my elder sister was offered an internship by a company which had an office outside Hyderabad. As it was my summer break, I thought I could meet her for a week there. I was totally new to the city and thought it would be a fun stay. However, being the foodie that I [...]


To be a man

                                                          “Sensibility is not a weak trait,                                         [...]


Dream or not a dream?

    The word night sounds so dark, seems like the world is wrapped in a piece of cloth. But stars shimmering ever so brightly, sprinkled around the sky illuminating lightly. The wind humming a silent tune, forming a perfect glaze over the moon. Enchanting and transfixing the humans with its perfect view, gaining curious [...]

As I see it


Comedy is actually a serious business, with only one goal and that is to make everyone laugh! We live in a depressed society where everyone is suing each other for money, the school going children are burdened with homeworks and assignments, the college students are busy looking for jobs. After all these tensions, if there [...]

As I see it

The Curse of Modernization

Let’s imagine a scenario where there are a couple of early men. As we know, civilizations and generations have passed and humans have become more prudent and sensible. Here’s a very bizarre logic: let’s consider a hypothetical situation where we assume that the early man was similar to a programmed robot and he learned things, reactions [...]



They are witness, Witness to the times, Which defined our existence. Brimming with bliss And embracing sorrow. Tales as old as time, Defining time itself.   Witness to days of a carefree sky, With the sun shining bright. Spent building sandcastles of emotions. Of a childhood, Watching the sun set by the beach With smiles for stars in the night.   Witness to days with grey skies, And hopeless nights When paths were caving, And life [...]


KARMA-We serve what you deserve

If you are that person who likes to enjoy their food whilst enjoying a great rooftop view, then Karma is the place for you. In this city, with lounges popping up one after the other, it becomes tough to stand out but this place will surely make your heads turn. One lazy day I was [...]

As I see it

PHASE I – Eternal Beauty, LOST

Once upon a time, long long ago, our world was pretty similar to what we see now. There was a sun, stars, mountains, oceans, deserts and everything we see around us, though it wasn’t quite the same. The waters were clearer, the mountains had no peaks, and deserts shone like gold. But, the true beauty [...]

All Things KMIT

Our Tribute to the Tiranga

On 26th January 2018, India celebrated its 69th Republic Day. It was today when the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950, replacing the Government of India Act as the governing document of India. While people from Kashmir to Kanyakumari rejoiced this moment, Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology as well hoisted high the tricolour [...]

As I see it

#metoo – a rallying call to end sexual violence

Social movements are both fascinating and frustrating, taking a life of their own: they survive in chants of pithy slogans, find coherence in heated debates and, sometimes, just sometimes, culminate into a brilliant moment of reckoning of an idea whose time has come. Social movements are interested in the toughest kind of progress there is [...]

Book Review

Kokkoku- A Review

Kokkoku, meaning “Moment by moment” in Japanese, is considered one of the most engaging anime series in horror-drama-mystery genre which started this January, by most of us anime enthusiasts. The story casually starts when a 22 year old girl Juri Yukawa fails her 19th job interview and goes back home disappointed. As the first episode goes [...]

Movie Review

Controversy-the film’s PR!

If God had hired an architect to design India, it would have been Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I was waiting for Padmaavat with bated breath because I really look forward to Bhansali films. The reasons are umpteen – extravagant and mammoth settings, aesthetic costumes, soul-pleasing music and songs, dialogues written in the purest of the languages [...]

All Things KMIT

Salesforce Workshop ’18 – A Lesson in CRM

Every computer science engineer worth their salt knows that in the ever-competitive IT industry, in order to stay relevant, learning constantly is of paramount importance. In view of this, KMIT always strives to leave no stone unturned in making sure its students are not in the dark when it comes to learning contemporary technologies. To [...]

Short Fiction

The Other Me

As I look out of the window, I see the morning sky grey with rain. The gusts of winds are knocking at my door. Being cold for such a long time isn’t a very good feeling. However, the dampness and the icy shades of the outside world have now been concealed by warm blood flowing [...]


Doctor who aided hunt for Osama bin Laden

A person who would be a hero in the US is languishing in jail for the last 5 years in Pakistan. You would probably wonder why this person is behind bars for all these years. Shakil Afridi is the man who helped US Navy Seals track down and kill the al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, [...]

Tech Neutron

Flexible Display Technology

From decades the display of any appliances we use in our day to day life have been just a flat piece of glass or fibre. In recent times, most of the hardware based companies have been working on curved display technology and most of them have also launched their flagships into the market like Samsung [...]