Issue 25

Issue 25


The Handmaid’s Tale: A review

Blessed be the fruit. May the Lord open. Offred is a handmaid. She wasn’t a handmaid all her life. Before Gilead, she had a job, a husband, a daughter, a life. It had all started when the president was killed and the constitution was suspended so, the “Sons of Jacob” could restore “order”. The first [...]

Tech Neutron


Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the release of the sensational iPhone 8, here is a sneak peek. iPhone 8 is the next big Apple launch and Apple will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. And here are some of the rumors and leaks of the upcoming iPhone: The immediate change may be to [...]

Short Fiction

Silhouette-Part 1

“You are boring. I needed something new”, he told her calmly. Even after three months, she remembered every single detail of that day. A dizzying cold  had washed over her as she heard those words, a numbing tingling in her ears, and a twisted knot in her stomach. She felt herself slumping down on to [...]


Ram Nath Kovind- 14th President of India

We all know that Hon’ble Ram Nath Kovind became the 14th President of The Republic of India on 25th July, 2017. He was the NDA’s choice as presidential candidate and won with over 7 lakh votes against opposition candidate, Meira Kumar, former Loksabha speaker. But, because of his humble nature and low profile politics we [...]


Monsoon Fashion 2k17

The Monsoon is here! It is that time of the year when the heat of summer finally dies down and the rain cools down the Earth.  The fresh smell of damp Earth, the hot coffee and the tasty pakodas fills the air. Monsoon also suggests a quick wardrobe restyling. After starving ourselves with soft and [...]

Gourmet Guru

Wok republic – Pan Asian fare

WOK republic is a casual diner known to serve Thai and Japanese cuisine in the most authentic way. When I came to know that they had a branch in Himayat nagar, I decided to visit it. It is an eatery with a nice and simple ambiance but with small occupancy so you can have a [...]



Imagine taking a Supernova and converting it into the deadliest cosmic sniper capable of eradicating Solar systems, though a gross oversimplification, that’s basically what Gamma Ray Bursts (GRB’s) are. They are rays of gamma particles (or waves) that last for varying durations, in terms of seconds to minutes. Gamma rays are incredibly powerful. A single [...]


Winter Is Here!

Attention : Spoilers ahead! When the snow falls and the white wind blows, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. Since the first season of the nail-biting series, we’ve been listening to the phrase Winter Is Coming from many characters and wondered why are they so bothered ’bout a particular season. Now, the time [...]



It takes a lot of effort to selflessly dedicate ourselves into doing well for others. Not everyone in this world is altruistic in nature, but those who are, do a very good job in being so. Such noble people generally start up something called as an NGO. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a nonprofit organization [...]


Mars One Human Mission

    Settling on Mars! Doesn’t this sound awesome? Mars One is an organization that has predicted the human settlement on the red planet in a couple of decades. After years of research and work, they found out that Mars is the only planet which can support life and that humans would be the first [...]


If Tomorrow Comes – review

“If Tomorrow Comes” is a nerve-wracking piece of fiction which simply does not let you put down your novel. The author Sidney Sheldon builds has written the book in such way that every page is thrilling. Every incident leaves you in amazement and disbelief. The protagonist, Tracy Whitney, as the author describes is a gorgeous [...]

Editor's Note

Editor’s note

Dear readers, With this edition, we bring you a diversified agglomeration of articles by our writers which will make you  ponder, sigh, learned, excited and invigorated. In a nutshell, it’s going to be an emotional oasis! On the entertainment front, we have Hasmitha enlightening you about the most talked about season 7 premiere of Game [...]

Tech Neutron


  Nowadays we always hear this word VR or gear VR which is actually a headset, which uses a computer programmed technology called VIRTUAL REALITY. It is a fully immersive computer simulated 360-degree environment which gives the user a feeling that they are present in that environment, rather than the real environment that they are [...]


The Black Death

Ring a Ring o’ roses, a child’s rhyming game, has entertained children for many years. The classic rhyming game first appeared in print in 1881. However, reportedly, the origins of this song and dance routine occurred during a grimmer time in history.  Legend has it that the rhyming game found its origins during one of [...]

As I see it

The Lesser You Know, The Better It Is?

Plain canvas, simple life, and the 5-year-old me decided to fill it with color, fill it with joy. Hands dipped in paint, and the random prints added soul to the artwork with a smile on her face. Scrutinizing further, feeling the texture, She looked at her own hands and wondered what the lines meant. Grabbing [...]

As I see it

Indian Electric Cars: 2017

Despite the shortcomings of its early stages, electric mode of transport can be seen as the future of travel. With the costs coming down and the battery technology getting better, we can see the industry move towards clean power. So how do we Indians better from the emerging market? Let’s see what we’ve got. Are [...]

As I see it

In Memoriam

I was asleep when the news broke to the world that Chester Bennington was no more, and when I came to know about it, I was stunned for a while because the news couldn’t sink in. The same happened to the group of friends that has enjoyed Linkin Park’s music over the years. Yes, I [...]

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55 word fiction

He spent all his life giving away love. His motto- “all give but no take”. But one day he felt empty. That night, he closed his eyes, never to open them again. He gave away so much, there was nobody who could fill his void. It never occurred to him that even cupids need love.