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Airtel Hyderabad Marathon – the Volunteers’ hands.

30th of August 2015, The Marathon Day for the city had begun in excitement for around 14000 runners. The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon’s 5th edition was held and active participation was seen and welcomed. The full marathon ran 42km, there were… Continue Reading →

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Post Graduation: How and What to do – Part 2

Hey everyone! A month ago I wrote an article on how to prepare for competitive exams for post-graduation and laid stress on MS in particular. I hope it didn’t come across as neglect of those who wish to pursue a… Continue Reading →

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Editor’s Note

It doesn’t even feel like September or any other month for that matter. We’re just floating through space,somewhere pretty far away from the Gargantua, or is it just me? Anyway, another month gone by. Last month was quite eventful, with… Continue Reading →

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What good can come from reparations?

  Shashi Tharoor’s speech in the Oxford Union on the topic “Does Britain Owe Reparations?” has gone viral, been debated and digested and lauded all over the country. The questions through the entire session of eight very respected speakers were… Continue Reading →

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Set in the backdrop of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, an attack which left the nation crippled and helpless in the hands of barbarians like David Headley, Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi, Ajmal Kasab, Ansari – Phantom not only manages to… Continue Reading →

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Queen of Crime turns 125

It takes tremendous skill for a writer to keep readers glued to the book till the last page. Agatha Christie does it in spades. Her whodunnit murder mysteries have confounded millions of readers the world over, leading them through a… Continue Reading →

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All About Engineering

Engineering is our identity, and we will be recognized as an Engineer throughout our lives. But, how many of us really know about our profession? If someone asks you, what is engineering or who is an Engineer? What will your… Continue Reading →

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