The first edition of the academic year 2015-2016!

The Pasta Bar Veneto

Every Indian who loves Italian will fall in love with this restaurant. That’s because we Indians love spice. The food here is Italian in all senses but with a slight twist. The restaurant has an American booth like seating on… Continue Reading →

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Minions – A cute one time watch

‘Hey Buddies’, they say to their fellow minions, they love eating bananas, each one of them has their own talent, every minion is hard-working and loyal to his master, the most evil villain of the era. ‘Minions’ shows the evolution of… Continue Reading →

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Apple Music vs Spotify

Of late, Apple has been relentlessly trying to make its users use Apple’s services over other existing time tested services. Even the most ardent Apple fan has to admit that Apple Maps simply can’t hold a candle to Google Maps…. Continue Reading →

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Let us “Python”

Any undergrad pursuing Engineering has to know some powerful programming languages languages like C# and Java, faster languages like C, or at least about the fact that they exist. But one more powerful language has joined the list of late…. Continue Reading →

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Wings Of Fire Laid To Rest

My message, especially to young people is to have courage to think differently, courage to invent, to travel the unexplored path, courage to discover the impossible and to conquer the problems and succeed. These are great qualities that they must… Continue Reading →

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As once told by Terry Pratchett, the thing about football , rather the most important thing about football is that, it is not just about football. For me, football can be best termed as a feeling .The feeling which gives me… Continue Reading →

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Post Graduation: How and What to do – Part 1

Three years have flown by for us seniors and we have so much on our minds. To all the juniors – Kids, (HIMYM reference on purpose here) you might wonder what is on the minds of the 4th years. Keep… Continue Reading →

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The Man Who Ignited Many Minds

Great individuals may depart this world, but their vision will never depart with them! Our tribute doesn’t lie in how much we mourn their death, but in how far we take their dream with us. Because when great people die,… Continue Reading →

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నా తొలి అడుగు

పద్మవ్యూహం  లాంటి  జీవితం పడతానో  నిలబడతానో  తెలియని  సందర్భం ఆనందంగా  వుంటె  వచ్చె  నవ్వులు బాధగా  వుంటె  వచ్చె  మాటలు ప్రతిసారి  పరీక్షలకు  పడే  కష్టం కాని  ఎన్నడూ  దొరకని  అదృష్టం నాలో  ఉన్న  సంతోషాన్ని  పొందే  మిత్రబృందం కాని  నాలో  ఉన్న  విచారాన్ని  పొందే  ఏకైక  స్నేహబంధం   పి. పవన్ కుమార్

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My ASP.NET Journey – Turning Ideas Into Reality

As a sophomore I was a newbie in the vast software world, and I knew as little as a drop. I never had the confidence that I could ever build any software. Little did I know that, in 2-2 semester,… Continue Reading →

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Scion Of Ikshvaku – Review

With e-books eating into publishers profit, it seems the marketing dept. at Westland Ltd. has come up with innovative strategies. Amazon and Flipkart mass ordering the book even before it hits  the shelf ensures it’s success, but what surprised me… Continue Reading →

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