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Magic of Motion Picture

It was in the year 1878 when Eadward Muybridge placed 24 cameras on a race track, a few inches apart from each other, and captured a series of photographs of a horse in motion. These pictures when paired together and… Continue Reading →

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kMITRA Fundraiser 2019

Thank you, didi!! Thank you, bhaiyya!! Voices echoed the grounds of Vivek Vardhini Kanyashala Girls High School, as the kMITRA team bid farewell to the many bubbles of joy. In August, kMITRA, KMIT’s e-magazine had organized a fundraiser to build… Continue Reading →

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Through his eyes

Warning: This article might trigger some people. It contains references to violence and explores a dark theme.   He hid in a corner of the dark room, clutching at his sheets with a desperation he was too young to completely… Continue Reading →

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Honor Killing

Trigger Warning: This article contains information about violence. From speaking our first words to passing out from college, from crawling to standing on our own feet, family has always been there to support and guide us. They provide us with… Continue Reading →

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Reunited by Destiny

SPOILER ALERT: The following article is an epilogue for the movie “The Breadwinner” and includes mention of a few incidents of the same. After Parvana’s father, Nurullah, was released from Pul-e-charki, a prison in Afghanistan, Parvana and her father met… Continue Reading →

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A Letter by Zainab

Dear everyone,      I’m Zainab from Uzbekistan. I was born on July 24th, 1991. It’s the same date (but another year) when Amelia Mary Earhart was born. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic… Continue Reading →

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Why We Tell Stories

Greetings fellow hairless monkeys.  We, humans, have achieved a lot throughout the ages, we built ships to help us travel between continents, we invented medicine so that we don’t die of preventable disease just because your sister forgot to wash… Continue Reading →

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“He ran into the night, chased by the unknown demons until he could run no more.” Fear: an unpleasant and undeniable emotion for the human race, caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm. Why is it that we… Continue Reading →

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The Story of Life

Our life is a journey, a tangle of multiple paths. Every journey has its route set for itself. On its paths, we encounter people, places and feelings, that stay with us, change us and mould us into what we are,… Continue Reading →

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The Yearning

Looking through the window I see, the clouds of dusk, People bustling around, with the weapons of tusk. Away from family, prisoned for no reason, I pay the price, of neither murder nor treason. Leaning against the walls of the… Continue Reading →

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A Sacrifice Of Innocence

“TRING! TR-!” he put his hand down on the alarm and switched it off at the first ring. He started rubbing his eyes and slowly opened them. Tiny particles of dust were dancing, on the window sill above his cot,… Continue Reading →

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Does education help solve social problems?

Education plays an important role in the evolution of a nation. Today, people are warming up to the idea of education being instrumental in an all-rounded development of a person instead of just being a course to earn degrees and… Continue Reading →

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