Hello February!

Hello readers! As we settle into 2019, it’s time to look back at all the broken resolutions and slowly come to terms with the fact that a whole month has already gone by. So welcome, February! New month, new edition…. Continue Reading →

Four Two

Know that moment when you need to set alarms at 5-minute intervals because you are not sure you will wake up in the morning? Right? Not me! Over the past few months, With no classes to attend and no actual motivation… Continue Reading →

The shutdown is over. Or, is it?

A whole government in turmoil. The longest shutdown in the history of the United States has had far-reaching implications. December 22nd, 2018 was the day the US government shutdown began. What caused it was the fact that the White House… Continue Reading →

Holocaust: the scars of humanity

“The safest place I could find to hide was in the yard near the bathrooms, where all the dead bodies were brought and piled up. I would get on the pile, or lie down next to the dead bodies and… Continue Reading →

The Day Alexandria Stood Still

Alexandria. A beautiful port city located North of Egypt on the shores of the Mediterranean and named after its founder, ‘Alexander the Great’ in 330 BC. Knowledge is power and who would know better than the great conqueror Alexander, who… Continue Reading →


I stand in silence, Occasionally broken by my heartbeat. I slowly breathe, Gazing into a pair eyes staring into mine. Eyes, strangely familiar.   While I think about the endless heights, To which I can seamlessly fly, Spreading my wings,… Continue Reading →

Lakshmi’s Lakshya

I, a poor man, wish to have money. I, a farmer, hope for a bountiful harvest. I, a herder, wish my cattle is always satisfied. I, an artist, wish my art never fades. I, a soldier, hope for the strength… Continue Reading →

The Grand Tour

If you are a fan of cars, engines and TV Shows, it’s very likely that you’re familiar with the names Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. The trio that’s responsible for twenty-two golden seasons of the show Top Gear,… Continue Reading →

The Blurring Lines of Reality

Imagine yourself as a writer and are writing a story. You create some characters and give them some roles, you develop a story-line, make these characters interact and at one point it reaches the ending. Now, taking this to the… Continue Reading →


Tell me if you can relate to this. You come home after a long day , you had more food than you should have had, and now you are lying in the comfort of your soft, warm bed and before… Continue Reading →

Am I who my music says I am?

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the seemingly simple syllables actually form the basis of Indian classical music. They hold a significant role in the very creation of music. A whole new world hides behind it and the more you explore… Continue Reading →

Life in PUBG

It was a squad’s battle (4 players per squad) in Erangel and my teammates and I were waiting on a strange island to take off. Over 40 seconds of time left on the timer and the count of people kept… Continue Reading →

A review of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

  “I think that it’s extraordinarily important that we in computer science keep fun in computing. When it started out, it was an awful lot of fun. Of course, the paying customers got shafted every now and then, and after… Continue Reading →

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