Happy New Year!

Jan-2018 Edition

Precarious Love

PrecArIous Love The year is 2025, I’d lost her in a car accident three years ago. She was the love of my life. The unbearable grief got amplified every day, I lost my job at VirtualMind Inc. and started spending… Continue Reading →

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C++ & 2018

In December, the new C++ standard, C++17 (or, if you prefer, informally, C++lz) was approved. Lots of new features such as initialization in if and switch, comma separated arguments in namespace declarations, inline variables etc were added. But wait, that… Continue Reading →

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VOYAGER 2: SAILING AMONG GIANT PLANETS Let’s gear up for reading an interesting article about theVoyager 2 spacecraft which has already traveled millions of miles in space. In late summer and early fall of 1977, twin spacecraft called Voyager 1and… Continue Reading →

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How are you?

How are you ? Oh the things I want to say Turbulent times I had to face My mind playing tricks on me Friend or foe I could not see In bed I lay all day long Wishing for the… Continue Reading →

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A Sarcastic Recipe

Let’s bake, let’s accomplish! If you have successfully not accomplished your to-do list of 2017 and have still planned to bake a cake, you are my best friend. It’s not just any cake, its a cake made out of sheer… Continue Reading →

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Every year, we witness new inventions and innovations that make the world a better and smarter place to live. Likewise, 2017 has been a great year for creative heads in terms of bringing their ideas into being. In this article,… Continue Reading →

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Black Mirror – The USS CALLISTER

The best year-end gift came in the form of the fourth season of the hit anthology series, Black Mirror. Now, for those who haven’t ever heard of this show, here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it: “It centers on… Continue Reading →

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Sankranti – harvesting crops, yield and positivity

A sharp ray of warm sunlight cuts through the darkness, ending the dominion of long, cold, wintery nights. Somewhere in between cool breezes and the rising sun, nature strikes a perfect balance as the sun begins its northward journey and… Continue Reading →

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Happy New Year Readers! The year, 2017 has ended. December is always an interesting month, the whole Christmas-New Year vibe is a joyous one, we tend to tick-mark all the resolutions we’ve managed to abide by and make a list… Continue Reading →

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A Glimpse Into 2018

Happy New Year! Another year has gone by… and what a roller-coaster it was! From the revolutionary #metoo movement to the carnage at Las Vegas to the rising tensions in the Korean Peninsula, to the exodus of the Rohingyas, it… Continue Reading →

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The Crown Season 2: A review

The much awaited season 2 of The Crown, the biographical story of Queen Elizabeth II, was released on the 8th of December 2017. The last episode of the first season saw Elizabeth in hardships due to personal and professional crises…. Continue Reading →

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2017 in review!

                            We Made it Through! phew! by Anmol Jain 2017, the year that blew up like a fat kid hogging up on pastries. The year when most… Continue Reading →

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Infinite’s hand on Infinity

Infinite’s hand on Infinity -The mystery behind Padmanabhaswamy’s hand on Shiva Within infinite myths lies the eternal truth Who sees it all Varuna has hundred eyes Indra a thousand You and I only two. ~Devdutta Pattanaik When we observe the… Continue Reading →

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THE EL CLASSICO The most awaited match in a football season. The best football clubs in the world facing off against each other. The best players of all time going face to face. A nation divided into two as the… Continue Reading →

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