The November ’16 Edition

A Delay In The Awakening Of The Conscience?

As more and more writers return their Sahitya Akademi awards, one has to wonder what the hubbub is all about. Sahitya Akademi, quoted from the Wikipedia article, “is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of literature in the languages of… Continue Reading →

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The Dandiya Gods visit KMIT

Pack up! The first major event of this academic year in KMIT has come to an end, with rather mixed reviews, I must say! It was a new experience for first years and a nostalgic moment for the final years…. Continue Reading →

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Convertible Heels

Broken heel?  Want more to choose from for what you wear? No problem! Here come the world’s first convertible heels which can swap styles and heights just in a push of a button. TANYA HEATH has solved the problem for who love… Continue Reading →

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Mark Twain – Life and the Comet Prophecy

                                                                               … Continue Reading →

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Are Festivals Closer to the Traditions?

The traditional festivals have been celebrated for ages and the rituals are being followed generation after generation. However, many rituals eventually become unknown and some transform. The way we celebrate festivals today is not closer to the traditions, but, to… Continue Reading →

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  As we are at the end of the year, I’m sure most of you will be looking forward to grab some really cool gadgets, albeit with a tight budget. So I’ve curated a list of the best 10 gadgets… Continue Reading →

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Book Review: The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

Hello there book lovers! Today I’d like to talk about “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne. I’ve been mildly scared of reading this book until recently. A few years ago I watched the movie and expected something… Continue Reading →

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World Mental Health Day Special – Little Things

She was gradually losing it. She knew it herself. Tears were sudden in their approach and offered neither warning nor consolation. There had been nights where she would cry herself to sleep, waking up in the mornings, only to cry… Continue Reading →

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Must-have apps : Part One

The Apple Appstore boasts of 1.5 million apps while the Google Playstore stands proud with around 1.6 million apps. With all these options to choose from, how can you know that you’re selecting the best apps to fill your home… Continue Reading →

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Indian Festivals – Is the definition changing?

India – the country of festivals, the country where people celebrate to thank the Gods, the country where all classes of people come together to cherish the very purpose of life. Festivals give a ray of hope to the working… Continue Reading →

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Significance of Superstition

A black cat crossed a man’s path. As he wondered what it could mean, he forgot where he was headed to. Cursing the black cat, he goes back where he came from. The only significance behind superstitions is that they… Continue Reading →

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