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“We do not remember days, we remember moments.”  #KMITDNYT                                                                 

As predicted everyone lost their inhibitions and came on the dance floor to shake a leg.. But I am getting ahead of myself.Although I couldn’t see the Bathukamma festival I was told by my jubilant  juniors that they had tons… Continue Reading →

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iPhone App developers ahead!

2nd year students associated with the Objective C Trishul programme have buckled down to program their own apps! They are all set to give their presentations to the directors of the college this month end. The top 3 projects are… Continue Reading →

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The most awaited event at KMIT has come to pass.. It’s that time of the year again where you dust off your dandiya sticks and partake in some frivolous merry making with all co-KMITians… And this year we have a… Continue Reading →

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Trishul and Avishkara-A Three Pronged Approach To Research and Innovation!

And draw them all along, and flow To join the brimming river For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever. ”              -Alfred Lord Tennyson Some might say this stanza… Continue Reading →

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Per Aspera Ad Astra! -Through Difficulties To The Stars

   In ancient times the “Coming Of Age” ceremony would be to celebrate the child’s first conquest i.e. his first kill (hunting),that marked his walk into the adult world.It was a public declaration of sorts to prove their mettle. As… Continue Reading →

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Vigyan Vahini – The Art of Teaching

The art of teaching, the joy of helping..

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Flying kites on the terrace all day facing tough competition from the neighboring kites.  Doing the happy dance when you cut down your neighbor’s kite.  Dude its Sankranti ! KMIT here adds on more dhamaka to the festival. Patang Utsav… Continue Reading →

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It’s that time of the year!

KMIT EVENING-What comes to your mind when you first hear it? Fun? Festivity? Glee? Well yes, may be its more than just that. It is the most awaited cultural event of the year, which is a long standing tradition of… Continue Reading →

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Reviving KMIT Radio

‘With the raise of his hand, no one dares make a peep, this is live. During the 20-second countdown, Sunny glances quickly around the desk that surrounds him, checking every blinking light and fader. He gets comfortable in his chair… Continue Reading →

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Finishing School

“The defining feature of a great education is what happens in the classroom. Everything starts from that and must be built around it.” Is one quote which surprises readers, entices them.It goes without question that quality manpower feeds and nourishes… Continue Reading →

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When it comes to Recruitments, KMIT goes on challenging itself making new records every year. Recruitments at KMIT have reached to a whole new level this year. It makes us proud to know that more than 100 students have been… Continue Reading →

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