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Editorial: “Blink of an Eye”

It’s almost the end of this year and the time to let the beginning of winter warm our hearts. Speaking of endings, here we are drafting the editorial of our farewell edition. It only feels like yesterday when we wrote… Continue Reading →

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The Physics of Invisibility

Many a time, when you are sailing in your fantasy world, you might have dreamt of being invisible and you surely did it if you are a Potterhead. The invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter series has mesmerized many brains… Continue Reading →

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A Different Outlook

All tyros have a thirst for success. But, many do not realize that success is not a drooping fruit. The story that was taught to us in kindergarten: “A thirsty crow” manifests the true efforts of the crow to accomplish… Continue Reading →

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Editorial- August 2018

“Think. Integrate. Evolve.” is our motto, here at kMITRA. Breaking out of the established patterns, with creativity as our tool, we present, a very special edition that represents both change and hope. Working our way step-by-step, towards improving every aspect… Continue Reading →

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Editorial – July 2018

With autumn entering in; July, the month of transitions, pauses at the end of summer. The crunchy leaves have turned to mush, potholes filled with rainwater, and yet the days seem longer than ever. You could either sigh with grief;… Continue Reading →

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Editorial – ’17-’18 Academic Year End

Another academic year has gone by and the end semester exams are almost upon us. For some of us, these exams will be last ones we’ll be writing in our college life. The academic year 2017-18 has been one whirlwind… Continue Reading →

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Celebrations in the air and celebrations everywhere!!

Time does fly by. KMIT is 10 years old already! Soon, it’ll be its 20th birthday we’ll celebrate and next the 30th and on and on it goes. No matter how many decades go by, KMIT Diwas, KMIT’s tin celebrations,… Continue Reading →

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