Sreelaya Vuyyuru

Life Amidst The Holocaust

[Trigger Warning] The following reading contains potentially distressing information about murders, violence, and brutality in relation to Nazist practices. The reader is advised to use their discretion to continue reading.   It was 1933 when Hitler rose to power and… Continue Reading →

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A Tree’s Quarantine

Beneath the wild sky, Here I stay in the busiest of cities. I am the tree outside your glazed windows, Swaying away to every puff of the wind. Bazillions of times, the trees along the road I stay, Have perished,… Continue Reading →

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Is there another YOU?

The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation of how the universe began. Did you know, some scientists believe that when this happened, an alternate universe was created? They believe it is an anti universe, a mirror image of our… Continue Reading →

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