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I'm into tech, aviation, anime and reading, hope you find my reads interesting!

How to get scammed on an online marketplace

Well, well, well. Something interesting has finally caught your attention in this painfully boring and monotonous life. You dash to the most convenient online marketplace to find the materialistic item that fuels your dopamine rush. These platforms help connect buyers… Continue Reading →

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Do you think you’re perfectly neutral?

The scene opens in a jury room, where a decision is to be taken on the death sentence of a man accused of murder. After voting, each juror explains why they feel the accused is guilty or not guilty. One… Continue Reading →

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4:33 A.M.

Spoiler Alert: The following write-up is inspired by, and includes major spoilers of the book “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami.  Chapter names of the book are time-stamps. [Trigger Warning] The book contains descriptions of violence and injury. Reader discretion is… Continue Reading →

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The Evolution of Smartphones

What makes a modern smartphone smart is its ability to connect to the internet and its functions like video playback, music, cameras, and gaming. The Candybar touchscreen form factor of smartphones has been in existence since 2006 or so, the… Continue Reading →

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Privacy in today’s connected world

Did you know that only one in three Indians would object to their privacy being breached? This is according to a 2014 survey conducted by Pew Research Centre. It is apparent that a lot of Indians wouldn’t mind trading their… Continue Reading →

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