Shreya Nidugondi

We can be friends if you like dogs, fries and Terry Pratchett (in that order). I'm correcting your grammar in my head.

The Home Paradox

I When I was little, my home had one wall- my grandfather, my thatha. I thought that of all the people who ever breathed, and of all the stars in the sky, he was the oldest ever. My footsteps went… Continue Reading →

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(Not) A Comprehensive Guide on How to Cook

This summer, master a skill that will isolate you regardless of a pandemic! Step 1: Look up ‘recipes for beginners’. Scratch that. Search ‘easy recipes for dummies’. If you are using an optimal search engine, open the link you find… Continue Reading →

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Luminous Nightmare

Lip, dip, paint. Grace Fryer was 18 years old when she first heard these words – eager, ambitious and ready to take on the world. She was employed as a dial painter with Radium Luminous Materials Corporation. Six years later,… Continue Reading →

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