Shivani Bhatnagar

Just your typical engineering student with high curiousity levels. Reads quite a lot. Writes a bit here and there. Passionate about Feminism and dogs.

Four Paws and a Heart

Love is unconditional. It’s received and given in many forms, but it’s said that the truest of love is when it’s without any limitations. A love for caring about others without demanding much for yourself. The love of acceptance and… Continue Reading →

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A Forever Home

The below article identifies as Horror. Reader Discretion is advised.   Tick Tock. Tick Tock.    As the clock struck three, darkness shadowed the light of the moon. Silence crawled through the halls within, and the only sound I would… Continue Reading →

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The Quarantine Edition

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is halfway done when the past six months have encompassed what feels like an eternity of global events with several words being added to our daily vocabulary. Terms such as “fatality rate”, “isolation”, “quarantine”,… Continue Reading →

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The Price of the Pandemic

“Global shares take a hit – Big shift in stock markets, where shares in companies are bought and sold, can affect the value of pensions or individual savings accounts (ISAs).” — BBC News   “Consumer confidence collapses in May, the… Continue Reading →

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LGBTQ+ community: A Journey through the Decade

The year is 2010:  The beginning of a new decade and a fresh start. While most of us were enjoying the age of innocence, we were most certainly unaware of the uprising revolutions and changes surrounding our nation and all… Continue Reading →

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Time flies when we’re having fun

  It’s my 5th birthday! The journey in these five years has been incredible. I was initially named Vipassana, later became kMITRA. I made a lot of friends on this journey and every year I get to meet exciting new… Continue Reading →

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Time and Her

Friday, January 9, 1970 Dear diary, Today was a great day which filled my heart with excitement and happiness. I turn 7 years old today, and all I wanted for my birthday was to visit the library. We arrived there,… Continue Reading →

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Holocaust: the scars of humanity

“The safest place I could find to hide was in the yard near the bathrooms, where all the dead bodies were brought and piled up. I would get on the pile, or lie down next to the dead bodies and… Continue Reading →

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The Lost Stars

Another year gone by. As we welcome a new beginning in 2019, we also recall all of the bittersweet memories of this last year. Letting go of the previous year’s mistakes and accepting the challenges of the present is a… Continue Reading →

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9 Days, 9 Lessons

India is a country dominated by religions with Gods seen as the only Higher Power. Throughout the ages, people in India have continued to idolize the source of the entire Universe’s creation as the Primal Feminine Force or Aadi Shakti…. Continue Reading →

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A Dinner to Remember

“Don’t forget to eat your food sweetie!” “Oh, How could I? Since you nag me about it all the time”, she replied with an irritated tone. Jennifer. A young, 16-year-old girl, by all accounts, was a rebellious teen in the… Continue Reading →

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Gunshots for Education or Tantrums over Misery?

It’s that time of the year when the bright days of summer begin to wind down which take an unfortunate toll on the younger generations as most of us struggle to go back to our respective educational institutions. As times… Continue Reading →

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Children Of God: The Sins Of Divinity

Love. Love is an abstract, a strong feeling of affection, an infatuation and a sense of passion that can be felt towards anyone in any way. There is also a dark side to love. This other side can be mortifying,… Continue Reading →

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‘Get Out’- A Social Thriller

One of those rare movies released with an intention to stir things up in the mainstream Hollywood cinema― Get Out. Directed by Jordan Peele, the movie Get Out is a suspense thriller featuring interracial leads― Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington, an African-American… Continue Reading →

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